November 12, 2009

MessageBunker – The Email Archiving Solution


If you’ve ever lost an important email, then you already understand the why having a backup and recovery system in place is so important. Accidentally deleting an important message or attachment can cause you more than just anxiety or heartbreak, it can cost you money, too. Unfortunately, there’s no way to predict when a technology disaster could strike, which is why it is so important to invest in a quality archiving solution before a problem comes up.

MessageBunker is a web-based application that says it can save you the stress of ever worrying about a misplaced email again by archiving every email that you have sent or received and allowing you to search through that archive with ease. Whether you are an individual user or the head of an IT department at a mid-sized company, MessageBunker can save you time and money by securely backing up your email archives within its data facilities and eliminating the need to ever download software or install any complicated systems. Not only that, but by utilizing MessageBunker’s “Time Travel” feature, you can actually go back in time to see your inbox as it was on any given date since your service with MessageBunker began.

The application itself supports any IMAP or POP3 server that can be made available on the internet, and allows you to search across multiple email accounts at once when retrieving lost or deleted messages. In addition, MessageBunker makes it easy to download copies of those emails directly to your own computer as a compressed file. For anyone who has ever worried about losing an important email or attachment, MessageBunker is an easy, low-cost way to keep track of the messages you send and receive online.

Practical Uses:

  • Retrieve accidentally deleted emails
  • Recover misplaced email attachments with ease
  • Search multiple email accounts at once
  • Meet legal requirements for company-wide email recordkeeping

Insider Tips:

  • Use “time travel” feature to recover your entire inbox in the event of a server crash
  • Search your archive for keywords mentioned in PDF or Word attachments
  • Add up to five email accounts to MessageBunker for free
  • Download multiple emails onto your computer as a single compressed file

What we liked:

  • Search through email archives with speed and ease
  • No need to download or install confusing software
  • Email is archived once every five minutes for premium accounts
  • Ability to receive daily or weekly status update emails

What we didn’t like:

  • Free accounts only allow for 2GB of storage space


Company Info:


  • Basic service is free
  • Premium accounts range from £5 to £42.50 per month, depending on storage space needs


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