March 1, 2012

CapLinked – Social Investments for Start-Ups

When entrepreneurs need cash to fund their start-up ventures, CapLinked is an application they can turn to for help. Small businesses that need private investors can use CapLinked to manage the process of soliciting investments and handling any money that’s coming in. CapLinked serves as a hub for the entire investment process.

If you’re an entrepreneur, investor, attorney, advisor, broker, or virtually any other type of service provider who works in the field of private investment, then you’ll want to check out what CapLinked can do for you. As soon as you set up a CapLinked profile, you can start networking with other CapLinked users. To raise capital for your new venture, set up a private “deal room” and post all the relevant documentation that a potential investor would want to see before deciding to jump on board. Invite your connections or contacts to view your deal room and learn about your latest project, knowing that you can shut down any person’s access to your deal room at any time if you have reason to suspect that something shady is going on. Potential investors can do their due diligence online by reviewing the documents you’ve posted and getting periodic updates about your start-up through the CapLinked system.

Deal rooms are a two way street. Not only can advisors and investors who’ve decided to become attached to your project see the reports and updates you’ve posted, but they can also share their own expertise and knowledge with you by communicating through the site. With CapLinked, people who have invested in multiple companies can manage their portfolios and review the latest information about all the projects they’re working on in one central spot.

Practical Uses:

  • Connect with potential investors for the start-up you’re working on
  • Find people who are willing to advise you on a new project
  • Get periodic updates from all the companies you’ve invested in
  • Learn about new ventures that seem like they’d be a good investment

Insider Tips:

  • Browse current CapLinked users by role, market, location, or name
  • Search for start-ups in your city that are currently raising capital
  • Users can sign up for CapLinked by authorizing their LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, or Twitter accounts
  • A user can shut down a potential investor’s access to his deal room at any time

What we liked:

  • CapLinked can serve as a great way to bring together entrepreneurs and investors
  • People with money to burn can find projects looking for capital in their local areas
  • CapLinked capitalizes on the power of social networking for investment purposes
  • Deal rooms that go viral are likely to get a number of potential investors and advisors

What we didn’t like:

  • Nothing


Company Info:

  • Launched: February 2011
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Manhattan Beach, California
  • Founded by: Eric Jackson and Christopher Grey
  • Web site:


  • Free


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