August 17, 2012

Mail’ette – Share Design Mockups By Email

Today’s designers know the drill: You work on a tirelessly on a mockup for an important client, then struggle when deciding the best way to send your design over for approval. Sending files by email has traditionally been a risky proposition, since the designer has no control over which program the client uses to view the mockup and no way of knowing when his mockup has been viewed. Now designers can use Mail’ette to organize and present mockups to busy clients and colleagues.

With Mail’ette, designers can send mockups, track feedback, and ultimately get approval from clients in very little time. The entire Mail’ette application is driven by email, which means it fits into most designers’ workflows and doesn’t require designers or their clients to get into any new habits. Select a Mail’ette pricing plan based on the number of projects you’re planning to send through Mail’ette each month, then get to work uploading your first files into the Mail’ette web-application. Uploading a file to Mail’ette couldn’t be easier. Just attach the file in an email, and send that email to a special Mail’ette address. Mail’ette will quickly send you a confirmation email containing a link to a webpage where you can see your mockups laid out.

Quickly add any notes that are necessary to explain your design, and then send your client the provided Mail’ette link to see how the mockup you’ve created actually looks online. Designers who use Mail’ette can customize their mockup pages to include their logos and other branding pieces, which is especially useful for larger organizations that need to project a professional image to clients.

Practical Uses:

  • Find out what your client thinks of the mockup you’ve created
  • Share your designs with colleagues online
  • Give your client an idea of what the page you created will look like on his website
  • Add notes to your mockups to provide context when necessary

Insider Tips:

  • Designers can add logos to their Mail’ette pages
  • Clients can comment on mockups with Mail’ette’s basic feedback forms
  • Mail’ette emails designers once their mockups have been reviewed
  • Use the Editor tool to rename, reorder, and share designs at any time

What we liked:

  • Mail’ette is a simplified version of many competing applications
  • People who use email regularly don’t have to change their workflows or routines
  • Clients don’t have to register or log-in to see their mockups
  • Designers can get email confirmations once clients have approved their work

What we didn’t like:

  • Designers who need robust security features won’t find those with Mail’ette


Company Info:


  • Free version
  • Pro plan is $9 per month


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