May 18, 2012

Sales X-Ray – Track Your Sales Docs

Sales X-Ray is a tool that professionals can use to develop and distribute all types of sales documentation. Once that documentation has gone out, Sales X-Ray users can keep a close eye on what happens next – finding out immediately when important documents have been opened, how often they have been viewed, and how long the recipient spent checking out each page.

The first step when using Sales X-Ray is to create the documents that you want to send. Use the web-app’s document editor tools and templates to put together your own custom sales documents, or upload the documents you’ve already put together as PDFs. PDFs will be turned into multi-page documents, making it easy to track which pages are reviewed by the recipient and which are skipped over entirely. Up next, you’ll need to send your documents to the right location. Enter the recipient’s email address and name, and your client will receive an invitation to view the document you’ve sent online. Sales X-Ray sends automatic notifications when your emails have been opened, in addition to notifications that let you know if your documents have not been opened within 48 hours of being sent.

What really separates Sales X-Ray from other sales document creation tools is the web-app’s tracking capabilities. Visit your Contacts page to see how each contact has interacted with the sales documents you’ve sent. See how much time a recipient spent reading the document and how many pages he viewed, and then compare this to the length of time that other recipients spent reviewing your files. Savvy professionals can use this information to reach out to clients who haven’t opened up their documents or clients who spend only a few seconds reviewing what should have taken them a half-hour to read.

Practical Uses:

  • Find out which recipients are reading the sales documents you sent out
  • Send timely responses to clients who haven’t reviewed the documents you’ve sent
  • Analyze how well your documents are doing compared to the documents prepared by a colleague
  • Learn more about how to create effective sales documents

Insider Tips:

  • Use Sales X-Ray’s standard templates to quickly create a new document
  • The Docu-Destruct feature lets people set a date for when certain documents should be destroyed
  • Documents can be uploaded as PDFs
  • Vertical heat maps show how far each recipient has scrolled down on a page

What we liked:

  • Sales X-Ray is a great tool for professionals who are curious whether their clients have read the material they’ve sent
  • Users have a number of tools available to create new documents from scratch
  • Managers can compare the performance of multiple employees based on how much time clients spend reviewing their documents
  • Users with Business plans can direct prospects to custom URLs, where their documents will be displayed

What we didn’t like:

  • Sales X-Ray has very few options available in its template library


Company Info:


  • Bootstrap accounts are $39/month
  • Pro accounts are $59/month
  • Business accounts are $99/month


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