July 18, 2008

NotchUp – Getting Paid for Job Hunting


Looking for work can be a daunting task, as you comb through job listings, write cover letters, and send out resumes. The situation isn’t much easier for employers seeking workers, as they pour through resumes from candidates who aren’t always qualified. Recruiters have provided a solution for employers and candidates but the service can be costly. Now, a disruptive recruiting website called NotchUp has entered the scene.

The twist? Job seekers who attend interviews get paid $200-$500 for their time. For people looking for work, the system may sound too good to be true, but for companies seeking new employees, NotchUp is actually a thrifty alternative to professional recruiters, who charge between 10-30% of a new employee’s salary for a qualified referral.

In NotchUp, companies get access to qualified professionals (without having to pay high recruiting fees), and potential employees know that they will be interviewed only for positions that they have a good chance of receiving. The site is still being tested in beta form but already has over 10,000 candidates, and a host of top notch employers including Google, Yahoo, and Facebook.

Practical Uses:

• Look for a new job passively – letting companies interested in you approach you first, rather than the other way around
• Hire new senior management or executive-level employees for your company without using a recruiter

Insider Tips:

• Join your NotchUp account with your LinkedIn profile, to connect your job hunting with your networking efforts
• Check your privacy settings to avoid publicizing your job search to your existing employer

What we liked:

• “NotchUp Shield” allows you to hide your profile from your current employer – or even keep your personal data from all companies until you accept an interview invitation
• The site keeps track of how well potential employers like an interviewee, to ensure that NotchUp users are serious job-hunters
• Job seekers know that only companies truly interested will request an interview

What we didn’t like:

• Job hunters must apply and be accepted as a member by NotchUp before accessing the site and its features
• Since NotchUp is a passive way of looking for work, it may not suffice for job-seekers needing immediate employment


No comparable alternatives. Below are several popular job hunting sites:

• Jobster –
• Job Central –
• Career Builder –
• Monster –
• –
• True Careers –
• Indeed –

Company Info:

• Launched: January 2008
• Privately Held
• Headquarters: Palo Alto, CA
• Founded by Jim Ambras and Rob Ellis
• Web site: http//


• Free for job hunters, $200-$500 per interview for companies


• 4 out of 5, (great)

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