December 25, 2014

YunoJuno – Transparency for Freelancers

Juggling dozens of different clients and projects at any one time can get tiring for freelancers, and it inevitably leads to balls getting dropped. YunoJuno is a web-based application that serves as a central hub for independent professionals. The platform enables these workers to manage multiple clients, briefs, and conversations without breaking a sweat.

YunoJuno is a members-only network for freelancers, which means not everyone can get in. Use LinkedIn to sign up. Once you’ve been accepted as a member, you’ll be able to build your profile and select when you’re available for work. Potential clients can reach out to you directly through YunoJuno, and you can respond to actual project briefs from inside the platform. You can also reply to clients directly for more information before deciding whether to take on a job. Keeping your communication inside YunoJuno makes it transparent, particularly when it comes to discussing issues like pricing. YunoJuno encourages you to negotiate your own rates and manage your time using in-app time sheets. Within 14 days of your job being complete, you can get paid without any hassle at all.

Companies that frequently employ freelancers will find that YunoJuno’s platform makes their lives easier, as well. YunoJuno allows employers to search for freelancers based on skills and price, and to refine those searches based on which freelancers have immediate availability. YunoJuno even offers collaboration tools that managers can use to share freelancer profiles with other colleagues before deciding which person to hire.

Practical Uses:

  • Find out about new freelance opportunities
  • Search for an independent professional with immediate availability
  • Get paid within 14 days of completing a job
  • Browse through profiles created by experienced freelancers

Insider Tips:

  • Use YunoJuno’s time tracking feature to log the time spent working on a project
  • Share freelancer profiles with other members of your team
  • Register with LinkedIn to quickly populate your YunoJuno account with the right information
  • Clients can leave feedback for freelancers after their projects are complete

What we liked:

  • YunoJuno offers tools for both freelancers and corporations
  • Businesses can read reviews about freelancers before deciding who to hire
  • All price negotiations are completely transparent
  • Clients are able to see which freelancers are currently available before reaching out

What we didn’t like:

  • YunoJuno will become more useful as more employers start using the service


Company Info:

  • Launched: 2012
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: London, England
  • Founded by: Chris Cater, Shib Mathew, and Hugo Rodger-Brown
  • Web site:


  • Free for freelancers


  1. doesn't matter

    I work for most major advertising agencies in london and recently was asked to do some freelance work for one of them and they suggested to do their booking / payment / billing through YJ.
    It has been nothing but a pain.

    The latest episode is a discrepancy between my invoice and the hours submitted by my client.
    While doing a pitch through the night, the hours got messed up as the YJ online system doesn’t allow for any unforeseen. My client approved my invoice to YJ but because the PO had been submitted wrongly YJ had no possibility within their system to amend the PO.

    This has been going on for weeks with no resolve, just some unhelpful staff who hide behind
    ‘ computer says no’. The app doesn’t work all the time, the conversation language is kinda ‘matey’ like we are having such a good time but its like being back at primary school. That might be exciting for a bunch of accountants and programmers but unfortunately I don’t have time for this stuff.
    I need to focus on my job, get a PO from the head of production, submit my invoice and go to bed.

    Instead I need to approve a contract, fill in a time-sheet (with only half or full day rates) wait for approval, wait for a PO, amend my invoice and submit and then get told ‘we have done it wrong and if it was done right in the first place’…wow

    From now on I will ask my client to just pay me via their suppliers-payment. I rather wait 30+ days for my money then wasting another minute

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