December 24, 2014

ParseHub – Get the Data

Whether the source is a static webpage, a multi-page app, or nearly any other type of advanced web technology, ParseHub can extract the data and turn it into an API. Using this web-based application, people can quickly fill in forms, login to websites, and even click through interactive maps.

ParseHub handles all the work when it comes to extracting data from websites, so you don’t have to. Rather than spending time in your browser’s web inspector trying to determine how a website is structured, just download the ParseHub extension and click the “Start” tab along the right-hand side of your browser. When the “Start” tab is clicked and you’ve started a new project, ParseHub will automatically crawl the page you’re on. Make a template with instructions that should be applied to any webpage you’re extracting data from, and use the “tool pane” to customize your template based on the type of data you’re looking to extract. Select the specific page elements you’re most interested in. The “extract tool” will take the data from those elements and create an extract node in your template. Finally, in the “results pane” you’ll find a sample of the data that your ParseHub template is extracting.

ParseHub saves people time, particularly when it comes to doing things like looping through dropdowns and dealing with pages with infinite scrolling. The application handles Javascript, AJAX, cookies, sessions and redirects, making it a powerful solution for everyday users who are interested in extracting data from websites without having advanced technical skills.

Practical Uses:

  • Gather data from webpages
  • Extract data from websites that require a login
  • Collect content that’s split across multiple pages
  • Use data to conduct research and create visualizations

Insider Tips:

  • Install ParseHub as a Firefox extension
  • Find the tools needed to manipulate templates in the “tool pane”
  • ParseHub starts crawling the page that a new project is started on by default
  • Click the “results pane” to view a sample of the data being extracted

What we liked:

  • ParseHub has developed simple tools to handle complex processes
  • ParseHub’s relationship engine understands intricate hierarchies of objects
  • The application handles Javascript, AJAX, cookies, sessions and redirects
  • Sample data shows up in real-time

What we didn’t like:

  • ParseHub runs as a Firefox extension while the application is still in beta


  • None

Company Info:

  • Launched: September 2014
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Canada
  • Founded by: Serge Toarca, Peter Prelich, Angelina Fomina
  • Web site:


  • Free plan
  • Premium plan is $79 per month
  • Professional plan is $399 per month
  • Enterprise pricing is available


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