December 23, 2014

Tiny Pitch – Share Interactive Announcements
Formal press releases are easily overlooked by most reporters, which is why PR teams are always hunting for better ways to make announcements for the brands they represent. Tiny Pitch offers an interactive content creation tool that PR professionals can use to deliver engaging announcements on any device.

The information you need available to create a pitch with Tiny Pitch is similar to what you’d need for a traditional press release. Enter a headline, body text, and profile information about the organization you represent, along with attachments like photos or videos to make your announcement shine. All of this information should be included in an email, which you’ll send directly to Tiny Pitch. Tiny Pitch will then format your information into an “app-like wrapper” that runs in the recipient’s web browser. Not only can you share pitches with influential journalists, but you can also share them with followers and fans on your company’s social networks.

Tiny Pitch has taken the basic functionality of the press release, and adapted it for today’s mobile environment. The company has also created a way for journalists to stay organized. When journalists direct publicists to send pitches through Tiny Pitch using a specific hashtag, they cut down on the number of unsolicited emails they receive from publicists each day.

Practical Uses:

  • Create press releases that will actually get read
  • Give reporters access to images and videos from the organization you’re pitching
  • Include logos and datelines on the announcements you send out
  • Cut down on the number of unsolicited emails you receive from publicists

Insider Tips:

  • Paste Word text into a text editor to remove formatting before sending your pitch to Tiny Pitch
  • Publicists can delete a published pitch at any time
  • Encourage publicists to include a hashtag in any pitches they send to your newsroom
  • Share pitches with followers in your social network to attract more attention

What we liked:

  • Users can easily create pitches from their smartphones
  • Tiny Pitch is useful for both publicists and journalists
  • Publicists can quickly get started by sending a basic pitch email to Tiny Pitch
  • Reporters can search hashtags and see which pitches are trending

What we didn’t like:

  • Publicists don’t have much control over the layout of their pitches


Company Info:

  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Lander, Wyoming
  • Founded by: Jason Kintzler
  • Web site:


  • Free

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