July 28, 2008 – Shockingly Simple File Sharing

These days it’s become standard practice for online service providers to require quite a bit of personal information in order to use their “free” service, so when we encountered it was truly love at first “site”. is a smart web application that greatly simplifies the task of sharing virtually any type of file, web links, and notes.  To use, all that is required is to name your private “drop” and select one or more files to upload.  The interface is dirt simple, and the features are plentiful including automatic thumbnail previews for the majority of file types, the ability to add and receive comments, and a host of options to customize your drop including password protection.  Beyond simple file uploads, also gives you the flexibility to send files via email, record voice notes using a private mailbox, and even receive faxes – all of which are conveniently placed into your drop post-haste.

(Scroll down for screen shots)

Practical Uses:

  • Create temporary drop to digitally share handouts for your staff meeting (and save a tree)
  • Provide a location for sharing files which exceed the size limits of your email box
  • Use to store your resume and any supporting materials and point prospective employers to your personal drop

Insider Tips:

  • It’s important to establish an Admin password when you create your drop.  You will only get this option once and without it, you can’t utilize many of the advanced features
  • Use to host your next conference call – each drop has its own conference bridge included
  • Remember to save your drop’s web address (for example:

What We Liked:

  • No signup required, just name your “drop” and go!
  • Privacy by default – the lack of registration means there’s no name to tie to your drop
  • Fast, intuitive interface
  • Users of your drop can receive email alerts as changes are made

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Drops do expire unless you visit them again within your requested time frame (up to 1 year)
  • The service is still in beta form so we’ve encountered some technical glitches at times
  • 100MB limit on free drops (up to 25GB available on paid drops)


Company Info:

  • Launched in: 2007
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Manhattan, NY
  • Founders: Sam Lessin, Darshan Somashekar
  • Web site:


  • Free up to 100MB
  • (Updated) Premium “drops” cost $10.00 per 1GB of storage per year (up to 25GB and 3 years)


  • 5 out of 5 (strongly recommended) displays a custom logo even on free accounts uses iPaper technology to preview common file formats like PDFs provides each drop with a custom email address, fax number, conference bridge, and more


  1. hey dave,

    very great post. just wanted to make a slight correction. the premium drops can be upgraded up to 25GB and last for as long as 3 years.

    again, awesome post, many thanks,

    Peter F.

  2. Peter,

    Thanks for the clarification, I’ve updated the post to reflect the new figures. What an amazing value!


    • mpravo drosostalitsa mou! einai teileo! poli elegant! autes oi xantres den 8a pigainan poli kai se ena asorti vraxioli kai ena zeugari skoularikia? egw 8a ta forousa sigoura

    • Your post captures the issue perfectly!

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