October 10, 2008

DoHop – Expressly Simple Flight Search


With rising airline prices that don’t appear to go down any time soon (if ever), people are using the internet more and more to find cheap airline tickets. A number of services already exist to seek out cheap rates so you might wonder what the new kid on the block has to offer. The answer (as it usually is) is user-friendliness. The Dohop engine is easy to use, not to mention free.

Dohop makes it very easy by including a simple “from” and “to” search box, which automatically fills the information depending on the location. So if you type in New York, several destinations will come up, such as JFK airport, LaGuardia, etc. Next, the date box is conveniently displayed as a calendar, which is helpful for planning a trip. The search engine then combs existing flight and then displays them via airline rank, flight length, and price according to type of currency.

The site also has useful travel guides so if you’re visiting a foreign country you can get the lowdown on different airports. The links to hotels is fairly limited and consists only of links to other hotel sites. But overall, the site processes information quickly so users can quickly find the best airline rates from 600 airlines with more airlines being frequently added.

Practical Uses:

  • User DoHop to find airfares fast so you can visit your sister who went into labor
  • Trapped in a foreign country and need a plane ticket? DoHop has better international listings than other flight search engines
  • If you’re really looking to cut costs by staying at hostels and getting cheap airfare, DoHop has listings of small, out-of-the-way airports

Insider Tips:

  • If you’re interested in flying on a particular airline, click on Travel Guides – Country – City – and then Airline to compare rates for flights
  • Play around with currency type for the flight. With a weakening dollar, this could affect how much you pay if you travel overseas
  • Check the Dohop blog for new features and new destinations

What we liked:

  • It’s fast! Results from hundreds of possible flights within seconds
  • Easy to use and free
  • Dohop has translated versions for many languages, such as Japan and China

What we didn’t like:

  • DoHop provides no method for inputting the number of passengers
  • Multiple destinations are not currently supported. What this means is that the site is best suited for single passengers to a single destination
  • No communication between the airline search engine and the hotel search engine links, so it’s not the best place to book an entire trip at once
  • The “Travel Guides” could include some more extensive information, such as major tourist attractions, history, and the like


Company Info:

  • Launched: 2004
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Reykjavik, ISL
  • Founded by: Frosti Sigurjonsson and Atli Thorbjornsson
  • Web site:


  • Free

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