October 17, 2008

ReQall – Remember What’s Important to You


Many say that the internet is changing the way we think. We know we can just Google any information needed so there’s not as much reason to memorize certain facts. The web application, reQall is like a web-based memory bank. Like an organizer, it helps maintain important information but with a lot more tools than your basic Filofax.

What separates reQall from other organizers is its cross-platform compatibility with mobile devices such as your iPhone, Blackberry, or similar smartphones. If you’re away from your computer you can call in to reQall and your voice will be translated into text automatically. This makes reQall as much a tape recorder as it is an information-organizer. Information can be stored and accessed at reQall using email, text-messaging, and instant messaging, as well as voice.

As with other web-based date books, the site will alert you when you have an important due date. However, if you input items that are more open-ended, the “Memory Jogger” will bring up items periodically so you don’t forget them. ReQall will help organize important information, such as meetings, shopping lists, stray ideas, in addition to linking to related pictures that reQall insists will help jog your memory about important dates. ReQall’s purpose is not just to help you organize information, but also to improve your memory by making you more active in recording and retrieving information.

Practical Uses:

  • If you’re stuck in traffic and getting flooded with ideas about the day’s work: use reQall to add voice messages
  • Avoid conflict with your spouse by remembering important dates (like your anniversary)
  • Remind forgetful friends or relatives about important dates, such as birthdays, anniversaries, and the like
  • Avoid job stress by prioritizing different tasks and getting automatic reminders about when projects are due via email and SMS

Insider Tips:

  • Consider toggling to the secondary view if you don’t like the appearance of the standard view for list items
  • Memory Jog is one of the more unique features: use it to jog your memory about more general issues, rather than something with a specific due date – you can even configure reQall to jog your memory via text messaging to your phone
  • Use the voice reminder feature to automatically remind someone else a task in reQall: for example, “Remind Joe Smith about meeting” will automatically send a note to Joe Smith

What we liked:

  • Incredibly sleek, user-friendly interface. Couldn’t be easier to use, which is important in an organization tool
  • The voice translation feature is reasonably accurate, and given that you’re only going to be jotting down short notes, it’s more than adequate
  • reQall’s service is free
  • Fast customer service

What we didn’t like:

  • Lengthy to-do notes can be cut off (currently you can’t read more than four lines)
  • Can’t edit the text of the to-do’s
  • There’s not a lot of space for in-depth note-taking – it’s really best suited for one-sentence blurbs
  • No integration with other services, like Google Calendar


Company Info:

  • Launched: September 2007
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Moffet Field, CA
  • Founded by: N. Rao Machiraju and Sunil Vemuri
  • Web site:


  • Free

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