February 6, 2009

Woosabi – Simple Online Software to Run Your Business


Woosabi might make you think of hot, green, Japanese paste that can make your eyes water but the site has nothing to do with culinary items. Woosabi is a business management platform that solves a wide variety of common problems facing business owners.

Unlike other business-oriented websites that contain minimal functionality, Woosabi offers a number of tools – most notably, its in-depth Customer Relationship Management tools, or CRM. These include: converting emails into scheduled job tasks, expense tracking, note taking, invoicing, plan management, and other related features. Woosabi can best be described as a tool that allows business owners to make their plan come to fruition.

Woosabi is especially useful for small and online business owners who may have less business acumen and need help with time and project management. For online businesses, Woosabi even provides web design templates and hosting tools making it much more versatile than many other websites of its kind.

Practical Uses:

  • Run every facet of the business from a single online dashboard
  • Use Woosabi’s simple tools for sending out marketing emails, newsletters, and conducting promotional campaigns
  • Post and share notes about a collaborative project with your team members
  • Create a central repository for all your business contacts and keep track of your correspondence with each of them

Insider Tips:

  • Prioritize your email so that messages from VIP clients get forwarded to your mobile phone
  • Switch around the web templates using drag and drop simplicity and add your company’s logo
  • Filter your payment history to see which part of the business is getting the most resources and and where others can be cut back

What we liked:

  • Inexpensive for the sheer number of features provided – other sites might just include invoicing for a higher monthly price
  • Appealing and easy-to-use site (common design elements are used throughout the site meaning you don’t have to re-learn each tool)
  • Free 60-day trial, which is more than enough to determine if Woosabi is right for your business

What we didn’t like:

  • Email system only works with POP3, not IMAP (this rules out 2-way synchronization)
  • The buzz section reveals who’s logged in and who logs out, which may worry some about site security


Company Info:

  • Launched: 2007
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Cardiff, Wales, U.K.
  • Founded by: Tony O’Sullivan
  • Web site:


  • £7.50/month


  1. Hi all,

    The Woo-Crew and I are really pleased that our small business web-app has been included and reviewed so positively here on AppVita. Thanks Henry!

    We’re a start-up ourselves and are keen to respond and dialogue with our users as much as we humanly can. (were clocking at least 4 hours sleep a day at the mo LOL)

    I just wanted to respond to the concerns highlighted in the review with a little information from our end.

    * Email – we’ve started work on extending our email module to support IMAP configuration + Gmail integration.
    * Buzz page – we’ve removed sign-in reports, and the page is still a popular way for users to automatically promote their business and brand to other site visitors.

    Thanks again to Henry and everybody involved with AppVita.

    Eds and all the Woo-Crew.

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