February 13, 2009

MyThings – Keep Track of All Your Purchases


If you’re like most of us, you probably have an array of things you own. While we never enjoy thinking about disasters such as house fires or burglaries, the reality is these events happen every day. The website, MyThings helps you stay on top of your belongings by maintaining a database of your “Things” and offering some helpful tools along the way.

MyThings is actually comprised of a massive product database that was created to assist law enforcement with tracking stolen goods. This database makes adding your things quite easy and provides additional features like warranty tracking, value estimations, manufacturer recalls, and downloadable user manuals.

Beyond simply tracking items, MyThings provides a wealth of information and tips to help you get more enjoyment from the products you already own. And when you’re ready to donate or sell your products, MyThings can help find local charities in your area or determine a good selling price on eBay.

Practical Uses:

  • Create an inventory of your entire house to ensure you have a record in the event of a natural disaster or fire
  • Stay on track of your business assets and related tax deductions
  • Find helpful information and accessories for your new laptop
  • Learn the value of the watch your grandfather left to you

Insider Tips:

  • If you want an easy way to determine the value for an item, you can use the Market Value Estimator
  • Signup for email alerts for warranty recalls on items you’ve purchased
  • Create an email address book entry for MyThings ( so you can easily forward any of your online purchase receipts
  • Visit the “Tips” tab to find helpful tips on using the products you already own

What we liked:

  • Vast database of products spanning a large number of categories
  • Ability to email online purchase receipts to MyThings and keep as a repsository
  • Extensive manufacturer recall database
  • Warranty information for consumer electronics products
  • Being able to request a valuation of certain items from an appraisal expert

What we didn’t like:

  • Searching for things is cumbersome as the search engine is slow and there is no way to filter search results
  • The site is a hodgepodge of components, each with unique navigation and page layout – making the entire experience less intuitive
  • The offers found under the “Deals” tab were underwhelming
  • MyThings is littered with intrusive advertising


Company Info:


  • Free (supported by advertising and affiliate revenue)


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