February 27, 2009

Kidmondo – Your Online Baby Journal


If you’re a parent with a child born during the social media generation and you’re not using everything the web has to offer, then you’re seriously missing out. With family members spread out across the country, and often across the world, a site like Kidmondo offers an effective way to update friends and family about how your child is growing – all in a secure place.

With web technology advancing rapidly, there are constantly additional tools parents have at their disposal to spread the news and document a child’s growth and accomplishments. Of sites that fall into this description Kidmondo is one of the best. Parents can include milestones, growth charts, medical information, and of course, rich media such as photos and video. One of the best features of the site is the ability to convert the information on the website into a print-bound book. The days of scrapbooking – or procrastinating about scrapbooking – have been replaced with Kidmondo.

The site itself is intuitive and elegantly designed. As an example, Kidmondo automatically wraps photos within a graphic of a wirebound notebook. Little details like this make the site more of a pleasure to use by visitors and parents.

Practical Uses:

  • Document everything about your new parenting journey
  • Share information about your baby with family and friends spread across the globe rather than emailing or mailing photos and news updates
  • Create a memorable and professional-looking scrapbook documenting your baby’s life

Insider Tips:

  • Use the growth chart – it creates an actual graph of your child’s growth, which is not only cool, but also functional to see how your child is progressing in purely medical terms
  • Test out the interactive timeline – one of the site’s coolest features, which creates a visual timeline (ala what you might see about a famous person in the encyclopedia) for displaying your child’s development progress
  • Leverage the diary to document daily goings-on, much like a blog
  • Select a range of years when printing out a child’s scrapbook. In this way, you can create volumes (1-2, 2-3, etc.) and will ensure that each book isn’t too long

What we liked:

  • It’s free – although it costs $39 for more storage space
  • The ability to print to a custom book format gives parents a goal when adding new info and pictures
  • It’s very easy to use – and highly addictive
  • Kidmondo has all the possible information you might want to provide about your baby and anything that’s missing can be included in the diary

What we didn’t like:

  • The printed book templates could use some sprucing up
  • Kidmondo doesn’t allow people a way to connect with other parents as in other social networks. It’s purely a way to document and connect with family and close friends
  • Not 100% sold on the security of uploading medical information. After all, this isn’t a medical/hospital-affiliated website


Company Info:

  • Launched: May 2008
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: New York, NY
  • Founded by: Daniel Hallac and Carole Hallac
  • Web site:


  • Free for 100 MB storage
  • Premium accounts run $39 per year for 1 GB of storage and no ads


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