March 6, 2009

Vet Help Direct – Online Help For Your Pet


When we think we’re ill, we can look up our symptoms to see if we need to see a doctor. Now we can do the same for our pets with Vet Help Direct. Vet Help Direct provides an interactive symptom checker for the most common domestic pets – dogs, cats, rabbits and birds – as well as reptiles, horses, and donkeys.

To use the site, click on the type of pet you are worried about, then choose from a list of symptoms. Each answer you provide leads to another question, until you arrive at an answer. This includes a priority rating for the symptoms, as well as advice about caring for and transporting your sick pet.

This site worked well and we felt confident in the pet care advice it offered. Although the vet location services are only of use to UK residents, the symptom checker and pet care information can be used by anyone to make sure that their pet is properly looked after.

Practical Uses:

  • Find out if you can finish your meal before rushing your pet to the vet
  • Discover how to deal with common pet care issues, such as administering medication
  • Find out whether microchipping will really hurt your dog
  • Discover how to look after the neighbor’s lizard while he is on holiday

Insider Tips:

  • Use the pet selector to find information about symptoms affecting rarer pets, such as birds of prey
  • Check out the conditions that commonly affect donkeys to see how to avoid them
  • Purchase pet insurance to reduce your veterinary bills while you check symptoms

What we liked:

  • All questions and answers are listed on a single page
  • The site includes pet care advice for a number of common issues such as diet, vaccination, and dealing with fleas and ticks
  • You can use the site to find a vet in your area (UK only)
  • The site is run by vets, so you can have confidence in the information provided

What we didn’t like:

  • The site worked beautifully; we liked everything


  • We couldn’t find anything exactly like Vet Help Direct. (Most vet advice pages are not interactive and only cover dogs and cats).

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