April 3, 2009

Teamwork Project Manager – Project Management Made Easy


There are a whole slew of project management websites available online, so it can be difficult to choose the right one. If you’re not currently running project management software, you’ll like find these apps are very useful – especially if you own a small business or have employees in a variety of locations. So what does Teamwork Project Manager offer that other apps don’t? The answer is it has everything under one roof.

The problem with other task management sites is that their use is somewhat limited. With Teamwork PM, users can delegate tasks, as well as upload files, create email alerts, set milestones, set time stamps, and other features. In short, it does everything you need it to do. Instead of using three different apps to handle one general task, you can simply use Teamwork PM.

Granted, it’s not the only task management app with rich project management features – there are certainly others. But what Teamwork PM does, it does very well so you should feel confident that you’ve found an application that can be used over the long haul. The site also seems very open to customer feature requests and more importantly, actually acting on these requests which is a refreshing alternative to many stodgy desktop software companies.

Practical Uses:

  • Create a central portal for a team to hash out ideas and write about a project’s progress
  • Organize a collection of different projects and cross-reference these projects if they correspond to each other
  • Organize a small two-person project if the team members live in different cities
  • Capture all of your to-do lists, files, and relevant information into one place

Insider Tips:

  • Group messages together – to spark brainstorming, make sure team members use the site as a type of “Twitter intranet” and group these messages under separate headings
  • Recommend that everyone uploads a user photo and profile to personalize the app aid new employees in understand the company hierarchy
  • Recommend that users actively log time to keep better track on how a project is progressing
  • Use the messaging system to send email alerts – one of the more comprehensive programs included with this app

What we liked:

  • It’s relatively inexpensive
  • Easy to use but still feature-rich
  • A very professional look and feel throughout the site
  • Good tech support and FAQs – you’ll be able to figure this out easily on your own
  • Data is backed up by Teamwork but also includes the possibility of customer-driven backups

What we didn’t like:

  • Some bugs early on – like saved items not showing up. These are promised to be ironed out
  • Better for larger projects, as the price for small teams is a little expensive for only 100 MB storage **Update 4/3/09 – Teamwork tells us they just increased their storage to 1GB


Company Info:

  • Launched: January 2007
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Cork, IRL
  • Founded by: Peter Coppinger and Daniel Mackey
  • Web site:


  • Free personal account, paid accounts from $12-149/month


  1. Lina

    I prefer DeskAway over other project management tools. It is a perfect project management system for a small firm like ours and the service provided is great.

  2. Johanna Lake

    This is just a Basecamp clone, as most others. Teamwork and Wrike at least have a different approach…

  3. Interesting review. Thanks for linking to Wrike by the way! Looking forward to seeing a Wrike review on your site too 🙂

  4. alx

    Actually, I recently subscribed to Teamwork PM (the one reviewed here) and it is definitely not a Basecamp clone. For the price, I found nothing comparable; check an article a friend wrote about it following my search:

  5. I disagree with Johanna – this is not a basecamp clone. The approach might be similar, so is the design. But featuers and functionalities and pricing, is way better. Well done guys, I’m with you.

  6. silvia


    I agree with johanna, it seems a basecamp clone.
    Try Teamwork,I’m testing it and I’m enthusiastic.

  7. Hi All,

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    Here is a list of some activities that can be taken care of with the help of eGangLion:

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    3. Planning with the help of Gantt charts.
    4. Storing documents,minutes of meetings.
    5. Managing wiki for the project.
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    All in All eGangLion is a perfect project management and team collobration tool that can help you manage your project/team in an organised manner using eGangLion.

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    Welcome to the eGangLion community.

    Team eGanglion.

  8. Roy

    i prefer ProofHub for project management. it is easy to use and fast. Also it offers various features. I am using ProofHub from last 8 months. With this tool i can easily collaborate with my clients and team members, easily track record of my employees and status of the projects, share my file proofing and also set milestones and to-do’s for completing project on time.

  9. Richard

    TeamworkPM is a fantastic application of the online collaborative concept. We’ve demo-ed and used more than a dozen collaborative apps, and we keep coming back to Teamwork for a few reasons:

    1 sophisticated and clean UI
    2 very good functionality – it feels like a desktop app, not a web app
    3 the feature set is very good, though it’s missing a few “apps” we’d like to see
    4 the developers seem to be adding many features to update and improve the product

    We hope they accelerate the pace of development and added features. The developers seem to understand that tools are only good if they are easy and intuitive to use, and if clients actually want to use them.

  10. I agree this online application is just clone of basecamp but yes I know that many application are quite similar from each other. Right now I am using, basic and easy to understand. You may send an invite and try this new application

  11. Is it? project management made really easy? I would say its already easy, after I started using basecamp.

  12. Above list contains good project management applications. But i wonder Timelive is missing. Timelive is really the most easy and reliable project management application,

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