May 1, 2009

Savvy Auntie – The First Community for Cool Aunts Who Love Kids


Savvy Auntie claims to be for “all women who love kids.” Obviously it’s not the first website for women, so how aunt-centered is Savvy Auntie? There are a number of articles for aunts and aunts alone – how to buy a present for a niece or nephew, running a baby showed as an aunt, and so on. So it really is aimed at aunts – not just women in general.

Mostly Savvy Auntie is an information portal. As a portal, it’s one by which other information-based sites should be measured. It has a good use of graphics, an intuitive layout – and it’s a sharp, modern-looking site. Sort of Aunts 2.0. Like other social networks, users can add friends, join groups, blog, send messages, and the like.

The problem with the site is that it is more form, and less function. Some of the articles are sparse – just a few paragraphs long and there’s not a lot of interaction on the articles but this could change as more aunts come on board. Generally, it’s a well-designed niche network that offers some blog-quality tips on being an aunt.

Practical Uses:

  • Find just the right gift for your 8-year old niece
  • Get some tips on the best methods for painting t-shirts with your twin nephews
  • Connect with other aunts and share your stories
  • Display your expertise about “aunting” and other child-related information by contributing to the site

Insider Tips:

  • If you’re shopping for gifts and want to save money – search the web for the item as Savvy Auntie does not display a list of all the places each item is sold online
  • Consider subscribing one of the several Savvy Auntie RSS feeds – Latest Expertise Articles, Latest Activities, Newest Gift Additions, and more
  • Be active – a social network is only as good as its members. If you blog, comment on other people’s blogs
  • Check out the Savvy Auntie forums – it’s the most active part of the site

What we liked:

  • It’s free
  • Really one of the nicer-looking social networks you’ll see
  • Thorough social network features that make getting active on the site quite easy

What we didn’t like:

  • The “Activities” really don’t provide a lot of usable information
  • A fairly narrow niche. Aunts who are also moms would probably just go to a motherhood site first. Mainly aimed at aunts without kids of their own


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  1. isn’t it amazing how you just FALL IN LOVE with nieces and nephews?

    Life of Riley

  2. Lots of kids organisations advertise in libraries. Go along to the first one you see, even if it doesn’t sound quite what you want, and ask all the parents there what other activities there are!

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