May 15, 2009

WhichDateWorks – Online Event Scheduling


WhichDateWorks is a service similar to that of Doodle. They offer simplified event scheduling and invitation sending. The service is entirely free and there’s no sign-up required, though there are advanced features available for users who choose to create an account, including recent plans, a list of received invitations, and an address book of your recent contacts.

WhichDateWorks is extremely easy to use, making it a good choice if you’re looking to help simplify your scheduling needs. First, name your plan, add any details you want your friends to know, such as where to meet, things to bring, and so on. Next, add the email addresses of people you’d like to invite. To simplify this process, you can import your already existing email list. After that, select the dates you’re available and send out your invitations. It’s as easy as that. Users can respond to your invitation three ways—”yes,” “no,” or “maybe” and you can click individual dates to see who’s responded.

There are still some features that could be added to make the process easier. For instance, users don’t have the option of deleting an invitation if they make a mistake nor can they add another person to the invitation list once it’s already been sent. WhichDateWorks is still in beta so improvements should be expected in time, making WhichDateWorks a viable option for your online event scheduling needs.

Practical Uses:

  • Suggest a meeting place for lunch with your busy friends
  • Decide on a mutual meeting time for your photography club
  • Find a date and time that will accommodate the most classmates are your 10 year high school reunion

Insider Tips:

  • Check “Not Sure” if you don’t know your availability yet
  • Look at specific dates to see who is and isn’t available
  • Sign up and track your “recent plans” to help manage and organize your schedule
  • Import your existing email list for simplified invitation sending

What we liked:

  • No sign-up for the basic service
  • Accounts are available for advanced features, such as tracking recent plans
  • The simple layout makes for easy scheduling overall

What we didn’t like:

  • There’s no deleting an invitation if you make a mistake
  • You can’t add another person to your list once the invitation is sent
  • Currently no place to add extra comments or information about a specific date


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  • Free

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