May 29, 2009

Forelinksters – Find the Best Golf Courses


Forelinksters is a great idea for a website – a golf course ratings site run by golfers. Golfers are notoriously passionate about their sport, so Forelinksters seems perfectly logical – not only to find courses where you can possibly play, but simply to learn about golf courses from around the world. Without question, the former is the best way this site can be used. On the front page, you need only click on a city and a list of golf courses come up – each with a detailed description and comments. There’s also a five star rating system.

Forelinksters has the potential to be a very useful site, but the strength of a review site is in the number of reviews, and currently the site is lacking a large repository. The creators have done a lot to encourage interaction by streamlining the review process and using a fun rating system with language like “Double Bogey” and “Hole in One”.

The site design is beautiful and the listings go beyond a simple written description by providing photos, maps/directions to the course, contact information, and even the ability to remember your favorite destinations with a watch list feature.

Practical Uses:

  • Discover new golf courses in your home town and see how they’re rated
  • Research where you should be playing while on vacation in Florida
  • Share your expertise about golfing by adding ratings and writing comments about courses you play

Insider Tips:

  • Contact other users to get a more-detailed account of a particular golf course
  • Correct any inaccurate information that may be on the site – pages can be edited by anyone, much like Wikipedia
  • Show off your favorite destinations by adding your own course photos
  • Post new courses if a favorite location isn’t listed

What we liked:

  • Beautifully-designed website that is easy to use for anyone
  • It’s fun to rate golf courses
  • Ability to connect with fellow golfers

What we didn’t like:

  • Forelinksters doesn’t list how many times a course has been rated (perhaps to hide that it’s only been a few times) so you can’t gauge how authoritative a review is
  • As mentioned, not a lot of commentary or interaction on the site
  • We would like to see a companion iPhone or mobile-friendly site so people can update while they’re on the course and possibly add additional photos in real-time


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  1. Jamie Michaels

    I’ve tried using Forelinksters, and they have some good information on the golf courses I play, some of which I wasn’t aware of. You can tell the site is somewhat new as the ratings/reviews section doesn’t have a lot of content as of yet. But, I’ve tested it out, and it’s tru that it only has the better golf courses in an area, so when I’m traveling to a new area, I’ve used it and it’s been helpful.

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