September 18, 2009

Streamfile – Send Even the Biggest Files Over the Net With Ease


It’s happened to all of us. It’s late, and you just finished working on the big project. You’re about to send it to your manager, but the email keeps timing out – or gets rejected altogether.

Chances are, that file is too big to send through email. Trouble, right? Not if you use Streamfile.

Streamfile is a file sharing website that enables direct streaming of files from your computer to your recipient’s machine. The process is as simple as finding the file on your computer and starting the stream process. Streamfile gives you a private URL which you can give to anyone who needs to download the file. Anything up to 150 MB is free, but you can pay for files up to 30GB, which is the equivalent of over 7 DVDs.

Streamfile is safer than a public peer-to-peer program, and much easier because neither the sender or the recipient needs to install any software. Additionally, a peer-to-peer connection requires both parties to be online and there’s always the worry about viruses. Streamfile puts all those worries to rest.

Send documents, movies, music and folders with the ease of a few simple clicks. No more sending multiple emails, no more waiting for the attachment to load; with Streamfile, the hardest part is the creation of your work, not the sending of it.

Practical Uses:

  • An up-and-coming music artist can use this service to send music to her production companies
  • Team members can upload big parts of their project and send it out to their manager without the worry of file rejection
  • Writing a doctorate? You aren’t emailing it, so Streamfile it!

Insider Tips:

  • Upload multiple files as long as it stays within the maximum limit
  • Sign up for StreamfilePRO and get a two week link expiration time instead of 24 hours
  • Create your own customizable download page with Streamfile IN

What we liked:

  • 256 bit SSL encryption keeps your files safe
  • No waiting: download your file as soon as it’s uploaded to the site
  • Eliminates the Sneakernet (carrying around files on portable drives)

What we didn’t like:

  • Rather quick expiration of links for free accounts (24 hours)
  • Similarly, only up to 150MB for free
  • Encryption is available only on paid accounts


Company Info:


  • $4.95/month for 30 GB maximum, or $39.95/year
  • Multiple levels of Streamfile IN service: $29.99/small, $59.99/medium and $79.99/large

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