October 15, 2009

MoneyStrands – Track Your Finances for Free


If you found out that there was a website that will help you track your cash, help you control your budget and save money, wouldn’t you sign up for it immediately? MoneyStrands is a no brainer, especially for those who don’t speak “financialese,” as they like to put it.

MoneyStrands is a complex concept that makes everything much simpler for the average person. It pulls information from your bank, credit cards and financial institutions to give users a better idea of where they stand financially. The best part is, you don’t have to be near a computer to access the information: you can find out if you have enough cash to buy that new TV by checking moneyStrands mobile. MoneyStrands mobile allows any cell phone with a web browser to sign onto their website and access information, or even just get text message alerts.

The best feature MoneyStrands offers is probably their broken down pie chart of what exactly you spend your money on. Do you eat out too much, or are you splurging on too many electronics? Maybe your gas budget is getting out of control. No matter what the reason is, MoneyStrands will show you where all your money is going so you know what you have to change in order to save some cash.

Practical Uses:

  • Keep track of transactions without using your bank’s Web site
  • Use the service to track business expenses so you don’t miss a reimbursement or tax deduction
  • Single parents can join and speak with like-minded people as well as share money saving tips

Insider Tips:

  • Choose up to nine options in three categories to track your finances: money management, budget planner and personal finance
  • Download Monica’s tips poster to find a few quick ways to start saving money immediately
  • Sign up for their newsletter, read their blog and check the forums for news and help

What we liked:

  • Almost 30 free services to track your cash however you’d like
  • moneyStrands will search for savings and offers that make sense for your spending type
  • Don’t just track your budget, but set up budget goals

What we didn’t like:

  • MoneyStrands mobile isn’t an application, but uses a adapted website. It would be much more convenient as an application running on your Blackberry or iPhone


Company Info:


  • Free to use

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