October 15, 2009

Staction – Real-Time Project Management


Looking for the most interactive and effective project management web application? Look no further than Staction. Staction contains a simplified user interface which includes tagging items to keep all your files in order. Staction will provide you with real time updates of what’s happening in each project with a feed containing file share information, status updates and more.

Staction provides users with the most informative and simplistic project summaries of any similar web app around. Each summary page includes information such as project creation date, last update time, how long everyone has contributed to the project and all the files uploaded. You can also check out the order in which tasks were finished with short descriptions of each.

Having a hard time keeping track of all your files? Tag them with Staction’s simple tagging system. Tagging multiple files with a bunch of different tags gets annoying and monotonous, but Staction uses auto-fill tagging to quickly tag every item you add.

Practical Uses:

  • Manage multiple projects with ease and in real time through Staction’s updates
  • Keep track of how long each member works on projects
  • Connect everyone in the office with Staction’s real-time update feed that anyone can access

Insider Tips:

  • Save time with the auto complete tagging system
  • The sidebar integrates everything you’ll need in one hub on the screen
  • Check out their blog for all the upcoming new features

What we liked:

  • Staction creates a friendly, casual online work environment
  • Tagging makes everything easy to find with one simple search
  • Offers a newsletter with tons of information

What we didn’t like:

  • Unlimited users and tags, but compared to competitive products, 10gb of storage is rather small on the most expensive plan
  • Staction boasts time tracking all through its Web site, yet only the highest priced plans offer it


Company Info:


  • Free for first 30 days
  • Paid plans from $7 to $50/month

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