November 26, 2009 – The Simplified Solution for Sharing Files Online


For anyone who has ever wanted to share a file with multiple friends at once, offers what could hands down be the simplest solution around. Rather than fumbling around with e-mail attachments or complicated file sharing systems, turns its users’ uploaded documents into basic web pages that can be viewed by anyone, at any computer, simultaneously around the globe.

Using couldn’t be easier. Simply choose a file, click “Start Conversion,” follow the link to your custom website, and share the link with friends. supports a huge range of files types—including jpeg, gif, png, mp3, doc, pdf, html, zip, and java, to name a few—which means you can upload photos, documents, audio clips, and videos to your heart’s content. Although the site has a 15MB limit on uploaded files, there is no limit to the number of views or downloads a page can receive.

What lacks in design, it makes up for in straightforward function. There is no software to install, no membership to sign up for, and no fees to be paid. Because of this, is the perfect solution for web users of all skill levels—from programming experts to online novices. We would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an easier way to share files online.

Practical Uses:

  • Get feedback on an audio clip by uploading it online
  • Share photos with those who may not understand how to download an email attachment
  • Use Twitter to distribute the link to all of your friends
  • Email a URL link rather than attaching a pdf document

Insider Tips:

  • Download the original document or image directly from the website
  • Click “Report Page” to remove files from the site
  • Contact the site’s administrators to suggest new file formats to support
  • Share a unique URL through email, IM, or social networking sites

What we liked:

  • Web pages are created within seconds
  • Unlimited bandwidth on each web page
  • No software to install or programs to download
  • Easy to delete files you no longer want online

What we didn’t like:

  • Uploaded files cannot be larger than 15MB
  • Files can be deleted from the site with or without warning at any time


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