November 27, 2009

Fotomoto – Selling Photos is a Snap


Fotomoto is a service that lets photographers sell photos directly from own their own websites. Instead of forcing potential customers to leave your blog or website to purchase a particular photo, Fotomoto gives its users the JavaScript code and e-commerce capabilities to do the selling themselves—eliminating the middleman and allowing photographers to have more control over the ways in which their images are distributed and sold. Even better, Fotomoto says its smart-design system is technologically advanced enough to identify the images on a particular website by itself and then market and sell those images based on a predetermined set of pricing and sizing criteria set up by the site’s owner.

After adding one line of code to your website template, Fotomoto is ready to get started. The system will do the work to detect which photos you want to sell and adds a “Buy Now” link underneath each of those images. Use Fotomoto’s toolbar to the set the prices and sizes for each of your photos and decide whether customers should get discounts for buying more than one at a time. Because Fotomoto is fully customizable, you can easily make the system blend in seamlessly with your current website design.

When customers place an order, Fotomoto will handle the printing, shipping, billing, and credit card processing completely on your behalf. In exchange, the service will take a 15% cut of the transaction fee plus the cost of printing the photo. You can expect Fotomoto to mail the profits directly to you at least once a month. Whether you are an amateur photographer or a pro, Fotomoto is an innovate system that puts the power in your hands when it comes to selling your unique images online.

Practical Uses:

  • Sell your photos online
  • Make and sell cards and calendars with your own prints
  • Let users send your photos to friends as an e-card
  • Make money from your hobby as an amateur photographer

Insider Tips:

  • Customize your Fotomoto toolbar to help it blend in with your site
  • Use Photo Analytics: to see which photos people are clicking on the most
  • Authorize Fotomoto to use your images on mugs and t-shirts
  • Contact Fotomoto to receive payment as soon as a purchase has been made

What we liked:

  • Ability to maintain control over how your images are marketed and sold
  • Overall look blends in seamlessly with nearly any website
  • Allows even novice photographers to sell their images online
  • Professional-looking sales and billing system

What we didn’t like:

  • Unless specifically prompted, Fotomoto will only send out payment checks once your balance has reached $200 or more


Company Info:

  • Launched: April 2009
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, California
  • Founded by: Ahmad Kiarostami and Nasser K. Manesh
  • Web site:


  • No subscription fee
  • Fotomoto takes a 15% cut of the purchase price, plus the cost of printing

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