December 12, 2009

Beetil – Simple Service Management


If you’re looking to improve the way your company works online, Beetil might be able to help. The web-based service management tool is designed to gives companies of all sizes a better way to manage their IT services and handle minor technical issues before they become full blown problems. Based on the ITIL framework, Beetil can detect recurring web issues, provide quick resolutions, and give developers an easier method of communication to avoid the same issues in the future.

Beetil’s simple interface eliminates the need for lengthy instruction manuals, and makes it easy to get started right away. After you get set up, Beetil will handle the rest—sending you notices when an incident has occurred, letting you know what was affected, and providing options to resolve the issue. More than just a basic service desk application, Beetil also offers a secure release management system that lets you track the deployment and functionality of new features, along with a change management system that lets multiple users collaborate seamlessly on projects.

The Customer Help Desk feature gives your customers and clients a way to report problems when your site is down. Meanwhile, Beetil’s problem management system will send you customized reports on the status of your site at regular intervals. Whether you run a business that’s big or small, Beetil is service management application that can make your life easier and help your company run more efficiently.

Practical Uses:

  • Save time and energy managing your IT services
  • Share and resolve issues with colleagues
  • Plan and test changes before deploying them online
  • Keep customers informed when something is awry with your site

Insider Tips:

  • Time tracking feature lets you know how much time was spent fixing a particular issue
  • Use Customer Help Desk portal to keep your users in the loop
  • Track which new functions have been released and which are still in the works

What we liked:

  • Beetil sends automatic alerts when an incident or error has occurred
  • Watchlist system keeps everyone informed when a new function has been released
  • Customizable email reports let you know how the site is performing on a regular basis
  • Easy to collaborate with coworkers to plan and build new features and functions

What we didn’t like:

  • Beetil’s vast number of features could be overwhelming for novice users


Company Info:

  • Launched: June 2009
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Wellington, New Zealand
  • Founded by: YouDo Ltd
  • Web site:


  • Free 30 day trial
  • $25/month for each user

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