December 14, 2009

MovieClips – Search for Scenes Online


It’s a scenario almost everyone has faced: You’re debating with a friend about a quote from a movie, and nobody can seem to remember what the specific words in the quote actually were. You could commence a fruitless search on Google or YouTube, or go through the hassle of getting ahold of the film itself and watching out for the specific scene. Or, if you know about MovieClips, you could simply type in a term and watch the scene in question from your home computer in a matter of seconds. It’s that easy.

MovieClips is a web database built for film buffs that lets you search for specific movie scenes by actor, dialogue, action, mood, character, theme, prop, or pretty much anything else you can come up with. MovieClips offers more than 12,000 scenes, which have been categorized in countless ways, making it simple to find your favorite clip in a matter of seconds. Or, if you’d rather browse, you can use MovieClips’ extensive collection of lists and categories to find movies you haven’t seen—or thought of—in years.

Although MovieClips was designed for film buffs, it is simple to use for anyone. Videos on MovieClips are easy to watch and share on websites like Facebook, Twitter and Digg. And because the service is free, there’s no need to worry about the FBI showing up at your doorstep for downloading illegal movies. Whether you’re settling a bet, reminiscing about old times, or just finding new movie quotes to use in the future, MovieClips is a website that can definitely help.

Practical Uses:

  • Share favorite movie clips with friends via Twitter or Facebook
  • Settle a bet with a friend by watching the movie scene you’re debating
  • Discover new movies based on a certain topic or theme
  • Find your favorite movie quotes easily

Insider Tips:

  • Easily embed MovieClips videos into your own website or blog
  • Click to buy an entire movie instantly from Amazon or iTunes
  • Add comments to your favorite clips
  • Check out “Related Clips” to find other scenes you might enjoy

What we liked:

  • Ability to search for clips by dialogue or movie theme
  • Clips play almost instantly
  • Clean and basic overall design makes for a pleasant viewing experience

What we didn’t like:

  • Although the site is still growing, there are currently only 12,000 clips available and many scenes we searched for returned no results
  • Because the site is still in Beta, not all features have been rolled out yet


Company Info:

  • Launched: December 2009 (Beta)
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Santa Monica, California
  • Founded by: Zach James and Rich Raddon
  • Web site:


  • Free

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