December 24, 2009

Concept Feedback – Instant Opinions on Business Ideas


Concept Feedback is a web-app that gives users a way to get instant feedback on all types of new ideas—from web designs and flash presentations, to advertisements, banner ads, videos, and more. Rather than mulling over a decision for weeks when choosing a new brand logo or advertising campaign, let Concept Feedback solicit opinions from users on your behalf. Within an instant, you’ll begin receiving helpful critiques from qualified professionals in your industry or field.

To get started using Concept Feedback, register for a free account and use your business information to create a user profile. From there, it’s easy to upload a new concept you’d like to share and invite your friends, coworkers, and clients to have a look and leave their feedback. If you’d prefer to get critiqued by a larger audience, take your concept from “private” to “public,” and instantly begin receiving opinions from Concept Feedback’s expansive network of business professionals.

All Concept Feedback users are given a “reputation score” based on the quality and quantity of their previous critiques, which helps to weed out any advice you may not want to follow. In addition, the opinions solicited using Concept Feedback are doled out using a standardized review form, which helps to keep users on track when offering up advice. Whether your main objective is to solicit opinions on a project, make new business connections, or find inspiration by looking at the concepts that other companies have in the pipeline, Concept Feedback is an application that can be just as useful as it is entertaining.

Practical Uses:

  • Get feedback on a new logo
  • Decide between two new advertisements
  • Determine whether a new video is worth running online
  • Get ideas from other companies working in the same industry

Insider Tips:

  • Choose whether your concept should be public or private
  • Post helpful critiques of other concepts to improve your reputation score
  • Allow friends or coworkers to give feedback on your new concept
  • Read member profiles to learn more about the people giving you feedback

What we liked:

  • Concept Feedback is free and easy to join
  • All concepts are critiqued based on a standard set of criteria
  • Ability to post individual responses to specific critiques from fellow users
  • The user who posts the concept retains all legal rights to the idea

What we didn’t like:

  • The reviews on public concepts are available for anyone to see, which could be embarrassing if a particular idea is not well received


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