December 26, 2009

Glasscubes – Facilitating Communication and Collaboration


Glasscubes is an online project management application that lets small-to-medium sized companies share files, collaborate on documents, and manage custom calendars from anywhere with an internet connection. Unlike more feature-heavy customer relationship management tools, Glasscubes is a simple application that is easy to use even without extensive training or technical knowledge.

If you are trying to manage relationships with multiple clients, Glasscubes is a system that could prove to be infinitely useful. Start by building “cubes” for each project you are working on. A cube is a secure workspace where you can upload documents, invite collaborators, and share calendars featuring important project dates and deadlines. Make as many cubes as you’d like, or one for each project you’re working on, and stay organized by allowing clients access to view and edit information within their own cubes. Users can make updates to most documents online without ever needing to download or email any files, making it nearly impossible to lose an important document or save over the most recent version.

For companies that prefer to handle their business over the phone, Glasscubes offers users the ability to make group conference calls that costs nothing more than the price of the call itself. Not only that, but Glasscubes offers dozens of other useful tools as well, such as coworker polling, centralized calendars, task tracking, and instant notifications that let you know when a due date is nearing. No matter what type of business you run, Glasscubes is a cost-effective application that can help your company operate is a secure, organized environment.

Practical Uses:

  • Stay organized when working on multiple projects
  • Keep your clients in the loop on new developments with their campaigns
  • Poll your coworkers to see which presentation the majority liked better
  • Organize conference calls without spending a bundle on costly systems

Insider Tips:

  • Set up notifications to email yourself and your coworkers when a deadline is nearing
  • Start a group discussion and get everyone involved
  • Create new calendars for each cube that you are working on
  • Give collaborators access only to what is necessary

What we liked:

  • Contact management system makes it easy to search and find phone numbers in an instant
  • Each cube has a secure area for documents that only collaborators have access to
  • Quick view dashboard provides an overview of all of your projects in one place
  • Files are backed up in a secure data center daily, making them as safe as possible

What we didn’t like:

  • Free accounts allow users to only have two cubes at any given time


Company Info:

  • Launched: October 2009
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: London, England
  • Founded by: Office Fabric Ltd
  • Web site:


  • Basic accounts are free
  • Small accounts are $25/month
  • Medium accounts are $64/month
  • Large accounts are $129/month
  • Premium accounts are $199/month


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