January 1, 2010

BidSketch – Track Proposals Online


BidSketch is an online application developed for designers as a way to simplify the process of sending and receiving proposals and project offers. Rather than creating each proposal from scratch, and struggling to keep those proposals organized as you hear back from various clients, BidSketch is a system that lets users create, distribute, track, and manage their proposals all in one place. From developing the initial design, to sending out the proposals, and tracking which offers have come back in, BidSketch will handle nearly any aspect of the proposal process for freelance designers.

Whether you’re planning to develop your own proposal design from scratch or use a template, BidSketch gives you the flexibility to build a custom proposal that is both unique and professional looking. Once you’ve customized your design, you’re ready to begin uploading contact information—as well as private notes and essential information—for each of your current and prospective clients. From there, you can create new proposals and send them out to clients directly through the BidSketch system. Not only can you easily input the important information like proposed costs and time requirements, but BidSketch also lets you embed videos and images into the proposals you send out, as well.

Client “landing pages” give your business contacts as central spot to leave comments or feedback on new proposals. In addition, if a client chooses to accept a proposal, you’ll be instantly notified and the project’s status on your BidSketch dashboard will update immediately. For any designers who are looking for a better way to juggle multiple clients and proposals at once, BidSketch is a management system that is certainly worth taking a closer look at.

Practical Uses:

  • Send professional-looking proposals to clients
  • Keep track of which proposals have been accepted or declined
  • Give clients a place to leave feedback
  • Store all of your business proposal information in one central location

Insider Tips:

  • Embed images and Flash content into any proposal
  • View your proposal success rate from the dashboard
  • Export any proposal as a PDF

What we liked:

  • Saves time by allowing you to store proposal templates, which can be customized for specific clients
  • Comments feature allows clients to leave feedback on individual proposals
  • Flexible customer management system allows you to save both essential and non-essential information for each client
  • Reduces overall paperwork and clutter usually associated with client proposals

What we didn’t like:

  • BidSketch does not offer the ability to convert proposals into invoices, which would be helpful once a bid was accepted


Company Info:

  • Launched: October 2009
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: West Palm Beach, Florida
  • Founded by: Earthlingworks
  • Web site:


  • Basic plan is $9/month
  • Premium plan is $19/month


  1. I absolutely love it!

    I’ve been researching methods to automate my workflow.

    Now, my call center manager writes my proposals and can send invoices in just minutes.

    BidSketch integrates with HighRiseHQ & FreshBooks, and I really dont need anything else.

    TIP: RightSignature is no longer needed because BidSketch just built the ability to have your clients sign their proposal/contract online with their mouse or keyboard.

    This solution couldn’t be any better, and after 2 weeks of mega-research, I have my entire sales pipeline automated.

    Thanks BidSketch

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