February 13, 2010

SnapSort – Head to Head Camera Competition

Having a hard time deciding which camera to purchase? Stuck debating between two similar models, and unable to determine which one is the better buy? Quit feeling anxious, quit crunching numbers, and let SnapSort make the decision for you. SnapSort puts digital cameras in a head-to-head competition and lists the winning choice every time.

If you’ve already narrowed your search down to two distinctive models, then using SnapSort is as easy as inputting the model types into the search box on the homepage and pressing “compare.” SnapSort will give you an information page featuring images of the two cameras, important differences, and important similarities, along with a “winner” and a “loser” in the competition for which is a better buy. SnapSort will also deliver a list of popular comparisons to each model, in case the winner in your scenario costs a bit more than you’d like to spend.

For users who are just looking to have a little fun, SnapSort will randomly compare any two cameras and give you a summarized information sheet with consumer information and detailed specs. If you’re looking to purchase a new camera for yourself or a friend, it is definitely worth checking out SnapSort for a detailed look at each camera’s benefits and drawbacks before making the purchase.

Practical Uses:

  • Compare two cameras before making a purchase
  • Read detail information on camera specs
  • Give better advice to a friend who’s thinking of making a purchase
  • Settle a bet with a family member over whose camera is really better

Insider Tips:

  • Check out the “popular comparisons” feature to read about other models
  • Compare older camera versions to see how they stack up to a new model
  • Use autosuggestions if you’re not sure of the specific model of the camera you’re searching for

What we liked:

  • SnapSort’s reviews are unbiased and based on camera specifications
  • Ability to see if you made the right choice on a recently purchased camera
  • Option to browse the most popular comparisons and see what people are searching for most
  • “Important Differences” feature includes both the specs and a detailed description of what makes one camera more desirable than another

What we didn’t like:

  • Because the site is new, many features—such as a price comparison tool—are still in the works
  • We would love to see additional electronics categories added (something the founders say is in the works)


Company Info:

  • Launched: November 2009
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
  • Founded by: Alex Black, Ihab Ilyas, Chris Reid, and Mark Feeney
  • Web site:


  • Free


  1. what about, they have been around since 1998 and are a great source of camera comparison also offering side by side and in-depth reviews ( perhaps they should get an alternative mention?

    • Excellent suggestion — I’ve added Digital Photography Review to the list as it is a great resource. Just keep in mind that we are reviewing web applications rather than simply content-focused websites.

  2. Louis

    Snapsort is great, but definitely not perfect. I also like to use: – for sensor comparison – for size comparison

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