June 11, 2010

TinderBox – Create Interactive Business Proposals

With all the technological tools available today, basic pie charts and line graphs just won’t cut it anymore when it comes to important client proposals. That’s where TinderBox comes in. TinderBox is a painless proposal creation tool that lets users upload videos, audio, images, and Flash content to their pitches and proposals. Not only does the application offer all the tools necessary to type, format, and send proposals to clients, but it also gives users a simple way to see who has looked at their proposals and how long potential clients spent checking out each page.

Whether you’re a freelance web designer or an account manager at a large PR firm, TinderBox lets you sign up for the pricing plan that best fits your unique needs. Once you sign into your account, use the Proposal Editor tool to start creating your first pitch. Type out your pitch just like you would with a text file, or simply reorder the pages you’ve already put together for a previous proposal. You can embed videos that help to explain your message, and include your company’s logo on each page of your pitch. Once you’re done creating your proposal, save it to your personal TinderBox library to reference again when you create similar project proposals in the future. When your final version is ready, just type in the name and address of the person you’re sending it to, and email the proposal directly through the TinderBox site.

When your would-be clients receive your proposal or sales pitch via email, they’ll be directed to check out the project in full at your TinderBox page. Once there, their activity will be tracked, letting you see who exactly looked at your proposal and how long they spent viewing each page. You can let clients leave feedback on proposals, as well, along with any questions about a particular page or item. For companies that need a better way to create and manage the proposals they send out to clients, TinderBox is a feature-packed application that can make the process of doing business a little bit easier.

Practical Uses:

  • Create a new business proposal for a potential client
  • Save past businesses proposals to use later on
  • See who has been viewing the proposals you sent out
  • Get feedback on pitches and proposals from clients

Insider Tips:

  • Upload videos and Flash content to proposals
  • Limit who sees your proposals by adjusting privacy controls
  • Ask clients to leave their comments on the proposal page
  • Determine whether to let people download the proposal from the site

What we liked:

  • Proposal status bar makes it easy to see which proposals have been accepted
  • Ability to see how much time was spent by clients on each page of the proposal
  • Proposals can be downloaded as PDF files
  • Include your company’s logo prominently throughout the document

What we didn’t like:

  • Free plan only allows for 3 proposals per month and 10 archived proposals


Company Info:

  • Launched: April 2010
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Indianapolis, Indiana
  • Founded by: Kristian Andersen
  • Web site:


  • Free plan is $0/month
  • Basic plan is $79/month
  • Professional plan with custom pricing
  • Agency plan with custom pricing

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