June 13, 2010

SelectMailer – Email in Style

If you’re looking for an easier way to create e-mail newsletters to send out to your clients or friends, then SelectMailer is an application worth checking out. The newsletter creation tool gives users professional-looking HTML templates that can be customized to better represent your personal image or integrated with company branding. From building the design to adding the content and sending the finished product out, SelectMailer walks its users through every step of the newsletter creation process.

Before you can start sending out an email newsletter with SelectMailer, you’ll have to decide what it’s going to look like. Choose a free template or pay to have a bespoke template custom designed, and then start adding the content you’d like to have included. You can select the email address your newsletters should be sent from, along with a separate address where any replies should be forwarded. Once you’ve added the email addresses for all of your current subscribers, you’re ready to go. Choose whether to send your newsletter immediately, schedule its delivery for a specific time in the future, or send a test newsletter to yourself to be sure what the product is going to look like before mailing it out for the very first time.

SelectMailer handles any email bounce backs and unsubscribe requests, which means you don’t have to spend any time sorting out the messy details after your first email newsletter has gone out. The application also offers a number of reporting and statistics tools, making it easy to tell who has been clicking on which of your links. Whether you’re looking for an easy way to update your friends and colleagues on what you’ve been up to recently, or a professional method of communicating with clients and drumming up new business, SelectMailer offers all the tools for email newsletters that businesses and individuals could ever need.

Practical Uses:

  • Create a monthly newsletter to attract new business customers
  • Update current clients on what is going on with your business
  • Make a newsletter to update family on your child’s latest accomplishments
  • Keep track of the email addresses of your customers and clients

Insider Tips:

  • SelectMailer will automatically handle unsubscribe requests
  • Schedule your newsletter to be sent at a later time
  • Check out how many subscribers opened your newsletter
  • Search for details about which links specific subscribers clicked on

What we liked:

  • Reporting and statistics tools make it easy to see who is reading your newsletter
  • Subscriber management tools are comprehensive
  • Easy to import and export email addresses from your contact list
  • Chose between standard or bespoke templates

What we didn’t like:

  • Bespoke templates are fairly pricey for individual users


Company Info:


  • Basic templates are free
  • Email fee is 2p per recipient, plus £5 campaign fee
  • Bespoke templates are £250

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