June 19, 2010

Milton – Hire a Virtual Employee

Milton can do many of the same things as your own employees—managing contacts, organizing projects, and handling financial reports—but without all the overtime pay and emotional costs. That’s because Milton isn’t a human, it’s a fully integrated, secure, and portable web-application that offers all the tools that business owners need to run service-based companies. Unlike a human being, Milton never loses a client referral, he never forgets an important deadline, and he always keeps track of how much time was spent on each project.

To get Milton in your own office, sign up for a free 30-day trial and choose what task you’d like Milton to handle first. Add company information such as billing addresses and hourly rates through the setup page, then head back to the dashboard to start working on specific tasks. If you need help managing the addresses and phone numbers of your clients and associates, then go to the Contacts section and start inputting your current information. Milton keeps track of any information you put in, and gives you an automated to-do list that shows when you need to follow up with certain clients or when you should expect to hear back about an important proposal.

In addition to handling contacts, Milton can also take care of billing, thanks to an intuitive invoicing system, and proposal management. He’ll send you a message when a follow-up is needed to close an important deal, and even track the time you have spent working on each individual project. For small business owners who wish they could afford to hire more help, Milton is an application that can provide many of the services of an actual employee without all the headache and cost.

Practical Uses:

  • Get help managing your business contacts
  • Set up reminders for when important proposals are due
  • Track the time it takes to work on a particular job or project
  • Prioritize job prospects and potential clients within the system

Insider Tips:

  • Add business contact information to set up invoices
  • Check the to-do list section of the Contact page to see when you need to follow up on certain proposals
  • Get reminders when a project has been inactive for a period of time
  • Set up reminder notices for invoices that haven’t been paid in 30 days

What we liked:

  • Milton does the majority of the tasks that an entry-level employee would be expected to handle
  • Time tracker feature is simple to use
  • It’s much cheaper to use Milton than to hire a new employee
  • Automated reminder emails let you know when it’s time to follow up on a proposal

What we didn’t like:

  • Milton has many of the same key features as other project management applications


Company Info:


  • Single user package is $15/month
  • Three user package is $60/month
  • Additional users are $20/month


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