July 2, 2010

Wazala – Build Your Own Online Store

Wazala is an application that can help anyone start an online store in as little as 15 minutes. Even without knowing any HTML or CSS, users can begin putting together a custom store that will pop-up over their content whenever someone clicks on a “store” button that has been superimposed on their website or blog. Even better, the application integrates seamlessly with all types of existing websites, which means users don’t have to create an entirely new online home before they can get started selling their goods.

Whether you sell photos, crafts, music, or clothes, you can get started selling your wares online by choosing a pricing plan based on your products and anticipated sales. You’ll be guided through a series of set-up questions that allow you to input your inventory, prices, and shipping guidelines. The result of this work will be a few simple lines of HTML code, which can be pasted into the code for your existing website or blog. Once you’ve gotten set up, you can track your inventory from the application’s dashboard page, and sign up to receive email alerts when you’re running low on specific items. You can also use the dashboard page to track orders and see when new customers have checked out your wares.

From the customer’s prospective, buying items through Wazala couldn’t be easier. Once your account is active, anyone visiting your website will see a “store” button that has been superimposed on the top of your homepage. Clicking on it will bring a pop-up that overlays on top of your site, featuring pictures and prices for all the items you’ve got up for sale. Transactions can be run through Google Checkout or PayPal, which makes accepting credit cards and other online payment forms a breeze. Wazala is such a comprehensive, stylish, and functional online storefront system that it is difficult to imagine people using anything else in the future.

Editorial update on 9/8/10: At the request of the founders we have updated the name of Vendr to their new name of Wazala.

Practical Uses:

  • Start selling your homemade jams and jellies online
  • Create a place for fans to download your music without giving it away for free
  • Sell your new e-book online
  • Let people who follow your sewing blog purchase your products without leaving the site

Insider Tips:

  • Upgrade or downgrade your plan depending on your sales the previous month
  • Sign up for a merchant account with PayPal and Google Checkout
  • Upload multiple photos for each item you’re selling
  • Sign up to receive email notification when your inventory is running low

What we liked:

  • Wazala does not charge a transaction fee for each item sold
  • Customers remain on your website throughout the shopping process
  • Anyone who can copy and paste can integrate Wazala into their current website
  • Sellers can distribute promotional coupons to be redeemed when customers buy products through Wazala

What we didn’t like:

  • Nothing


Company Info:

  • Launched: 2010
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Los Angeles, California
  • Founded by: Boxador
  • Web site:


  • Free plan
  • Small plan is $9.95/month or $99.50/year
  • Medium plan is $19.95/month or $199.50/year
  • Large plan is $29.95/month or $299.50/year


  1. create your own online store

    Since my business will be small, I think wazala will be good for it. I just want to create a simple online store that can be quickly being accessed from or integrated into a website.

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