July 16, 2010

Noteca – Business PR for the 21st Century

Who isn’t a little curious as to what others are saying about them online? Noteca is an application that helps businesses find out what’s being said about them on the web by monitoring blogs, Facebook, and Twitter for any mention of its subscribers’ brands. When a problematic item does come up, Noteca will notify the subscriber and give him or her a chance to interact directly with the dissatisfied customer or online detractor. The application bills itself as the perfect solution for small business managers struggling to build a customer community.

Before Noteca can start tracking what’s being said about your business online, you’ll have to enter a few key phrases that you want the application to track. In addition to tracking the name of your company, you can find out when anyone mentions the name of any executives or new products that you have recently launched. After Noteca has processed the keywords or phrases you entered, a page will appear showing all recent mentions of those keywords ranked based on relevance. The application also ranks the influence of any online writers and breaks them down into four main groups. Depending on the influence of the person commenting on your product, you can decide whether to reach out and engage him or her in conversation or ignore the comment entirely. When you decide that you want to engage a particular commenter, just “follow” his conversation through the Noteca site. You can share notes with colleagues to prepare for how you plan on contacting the blogger or Twitter user, and then click “Join the conversation” to contact him directly.

Each person you converse with through Noteca will be saved as a contact in the system, and you can add details to certain contacts to remind yourself of later if you ever need to contact the person again. You can also use Noteca’s extensive stats and analytics tools to measure the social influence of any blog post or tweet before deciding whether it’s worthwhile to respond with a comment of your own. For businesses who need a comprehensive way to monitor their reputations online, Noteca is an application that can handle everything from A to Z.

Practical Uses:

  • Find out what customers are saying about your business online
  • Get notification when a customer writes a bad review of a dish at your restaurant
  • Decide whether a particular tweet is worth responding to or not
  • Engage your customers in an online dialogue to find out what new products they want to see in your store

Insider Tips:

  • Noteca ranks online users based on their overall influence
  • Upgrade account levels to start monitoring more key phrases
  • Share notes amongst colleagues before responding to a negative blog post
  • Check out statistics for any blog post to see how many people have visited the site

What we liked:

  • The application tracks certain key phrases, in addition to the company name
  • Categorize conversations based on commenter sentiment
  • Assign tasks, like replying to tweets, to certain colleagues
  • Noteca saves contact information for any influential bloggers who post about your brand

What we didn’t like:

  • The monthly price for basic users seem steep given the limited features available


Company Info:

  • Launched: March 2010
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Spain
  • Founded by: Fernando Almenara
  • Web site:


  • Basic plan is $24/month
  • Professional plan is $49/month
  • Business plan is $99/month
  • Corporate plan is $149/month

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