July 19, 2010 – Visualize Your Projects for Greater Success is a visual project management application that givers users an easy way to see everything they’ve got going on from one main screen. By filing their projects into categories like Backlog, To-do, In-progress, and Done, users can ensure that every task gets done in an efficient manner without anything being left behind. For teams, especially, using can create a more organized work environment. The application lets users sign up for multiple groups—one for each team project they’re working on—or manage their projects on a more individual basis.

When you first start using, you’ll be presented with a completely empty work board that shows the four main progress categories and a calendar on the right hand side. To start getting organized, you’ll need to slowly fill up this board with all the tasks you’ve yet to complete. Each task gets a title, a category, and you can assign multiple people to certain tasks if you’re working with a group. Once all your tasks are added, you’ll see a visual work board divided into four main parts that shows where you’re at with all the projects you’ve got going on. When you move on to the next stage of development for any given task, change the category from To-do to In-Progress, or mark it as Done when the task has been completed altogether.

The application offers a number of handy tools to keep you moving along in your task progression, such as “Work in Progress limits” that limit the number of tasks that can be filed in the To-do or In-progress category at any given time. Users can leave comments about certain tasks to fill their team members in on the latest status updates, or check out the progress chart to see how long each group task is taking to complete. For to-do list junkies who like seeing everything they’ve got going on in one location, is an application worth checking out.

Practical Uses:

  • Stay on top of your to-do list
  • Track how long it takes you to complete individual tasks
  • Use tracking information to estimate how long it will take to complete your next project
  • Work together on group projects without getting confused about who’s doing what

Insider Tips:

  • won’t let you have more than five tasks on your To-do list at any time
  • See a picture of the team member working on a task next to the task description
  • Post comments underneath certain tasks to ask questions or update project status information
  • Create separate groups for each team of people you work with

What we liked:

  • Hourly snapshots let you see how your task list progressed over the course of a day
  • prevents you from being overwhelmed by limiting the number of items in the To-do and In-progress stages
  • Time tracking tool lets you see how long it takes you to complete the average task
  • Ability to compare how long each member of your team takes to complete tasks

What we didn’t like:

  • might not offer enough features for people who are used to more robust project management applications


Company Info:

  • Launched: February 2010
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Founded by: Aycan Gulez
  • Web site:


  • Personal plan is free
  • Open-source plan is free
  • Non-profit plan is $3 per user, per month
  • Commercial plan is $5 per user, per month


  1. Phil Barnes

    How does this different from more robust tools like LeanKit Kanban? I realize this reply is late, just wanted to mention alternatives to others. No, I don’t work for LeanKit Kanban.

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