July 22, 2010

HyperOffice – Powerful Tools to Run Your Business

HyperOffice is an application that makes it easier to manage your business from wherever you’re located in the world. Rather than sitting in the office from 9 to 5 each day, business managers using HyperOffice can host meetings, manage group calendars, share files, and assign tasks to employees from any computer, at any time. Possibly the best part of this feature-heavy app? You don’t have to be a tech genius with years of experience to use it. HyperOffice features an intuitive setup process that makes it possible for people with minimal web experience to set up the entire system without needing to hire outside help.

The way you utilize HyperOffice will depend largely on the type of business you run, since the application’s “setup wizard” allows you to choose only the tools your company needs when customizing the online portal for your unique situation. Among the key features that you’ll be interested to check out include shared contacts, a business email system, shared calendars, and a document storage solution that lets you pull up any document on any desktop or operating system at any time. If you’re a fan of Outlook, then you’re in luck with HyperOffice, as well. The application lets you sync your calendar, tasks, and contacts with Outlook to stay even better organized no matter which computer you’re using.

Because HyperOffice integrates with a number of mobile phones and other devices, you can view your calendars and use other key features even when you’re on the road. And thanks to the application’s extensive “over the air synchronization,” you can be sure that the calendars and contacts you’re viewing online will always be in sync with the latest versions you’ve pulled up on your phone. For business leaders who are on the go, HyperOffice is an intuitive system with countless features to make your days run more smoothly.

Practical Uses:

  • Create a calendar that you can share with colleagues
  • Access important work documents when you’re on your home computer
  • Set up projects and assign tasks to certain employees
  • Sync your email, contacts, and calendars on all of your mobile devices

Insider Tips:

  • Set up custom branding on HyperOffice to better represent the look of your business
  • Collaborate on text documents with other employees simultaneously
  • Create a customized business email system for all of your employees to use
  • Host online business meetings with colleagues in remote offices

What we liked:

  • HyperOffice offers the tools to create customized online databases
  • The application will work with any browser
  • No need to install confusing hardware to use the company-wide system
  • Live online help is always available when using HyperOffice
  • Email marketing tools can be useful to certain types of companies

What we didn’t like:

  • The system doesn’t have project management tools that are as extensive as other business applications
  • When revising documents within the HyperOffice system, it can be easy to accidentally save over previous work


Company Info:

  • Launched: 1998
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Rockville, Maryland
  • Founded by: Drew Morris and Shervin Pishevar
  • Web site:


  • Companies with 5 users pay $44.99/month
  • Companies with 10 users pay $79.99/month
  • Companies with 25 users pay $184.99/month
  • Companies with 50 users pay $359.99/month
  • Companies with 100 users pay $649.99/month
  • Companies with 250 users pay $1,499.99/month


  1. I want and NEED to chime in on this discussion about HyperOffice and HyperCampaign. We signed up for a year service in November 2009, and yes, there was that fine print that you would be charged yearly, period. Well, they promised us that within the next three months our HyperCampaign would be fully integrated with HyperOffice. Wrong! Never happened. So when September rolled around, they mailed us an invoice, saying to pay it by November 15th. We knew we didn’t want their service anymore, so we moved all our data off there and were prepared to chalk it up to a bad experience. Like others have said, it happens.

    However, then November 23, 2010 hit, and lo and behold our card was automatically charged! So why did they bill, no mention on the bill that if you don’t pay this bill you will be charged anyway? I immediately called the company, had to leave message after message, and finally got an e-mail response saying, sorry, no go.

    We are a small nonprofit…and I consider this a blatant theft of our donor money. So I repeatedly called and tried to speak to someone ‘higher up.’ No go.

    Also, they charged us on November 23, but the HyperCampaign says it runs through November 29th. So I did a screen capture, making SURE I cancelled by the end date, and still no go.

    Then I reported it as a fraudulent charge on our card. They won because they pulled out the paper I’d signed in 2009 giving them the right to charge us ad infinitum unless we exclusively cancel through their site.

    I am thoroughly disgusted. I too would have chalked it up to a company that needs to put it’s money where it’s mouth is in terms of service if they hadn’t treated us so badly and refused to return our money. I will trumpet the BEWARE OF HYPERCAMPAIGN AND HYPEROFFICE warning far and wide. To employ such poor business practices in the age of the internet is a very bad business move.

  2. Danny Watkins

    HyperOffice delivers the correct buzzwords that convince you to sign up, but it is an immature product and plans to improve seem only to be to add more buzzwords. It is an unfortunate situation as they have so much potential if they would focus on developing their product for usability as much as they do its marketability.

  3. Joe

    Do NOT buy for a Mac environment!
    Quite simply, Hyperoffice does not function in a Mac environment. Don’t be enticed by their endless promises. Even while their splash screens still brag about their Mac friendliness, we’ve spent almost a year and a half of a three-year contract (prepaid in full to get a discounted rate) attempting to get the promised functionalities working. Many if not most were never achieved. In retrospect, we are now out several thousand dollars, together with the value of countless hours lost in frustration, attempting to run an efficient business utilizing this “collaboration” tool. Support personnel were well intentioned, but clearly could not follow through on promises made by the sales side. There has never been any admission of responsibility for the shortcomings of the product or our resulting losses. All efforts at reaching a reasonable resolution to get some of our money back were met with a stunning and total silence. DO NOT BUY HYPEROFFICE!

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