August 26, 2010

Greg’s Pulse – Versatile Text Message Alerts

Need to know the latest sports scores? How about breaking news in your local area, or recent job openings that fit your qualifications? Greg’s Pulse is an application that can get the news to you fast, by delivering text messages to your phone the moment new information is updated online. In addition to delivering RSS feed updates via text message, Greg’s Pulse also scours the online photo galleries and blogs of your friends and family and notifies you instantly whenever updates or changes have been made to the sources you follow.

Once you’ve given Greg’s Pulse your mobile phone number, you’ll get a verification code to type into the site before you can begin. The next step to using Greg’s Pulse is to enter all the job boards, classified listings, photo galleries, personal blogs, and RSS feeds that you’d like to follow. The application is always scouring the web, and it will notify you instantly when new updates have been made to the websites you’ve selected. Depending on your personal interest and why you are using Greg’s Pulse, you may want to sign up to receive instant notifications the moment new job ads are placed for openings in your particular field, or when apartment listings become available in your price range. The application will send you a text notification the moment a new ad is placed online, ensuring you’ll never miss a limited-time opportunity ever again.

Of course, Greg’s Pulse is useful for more than just a job or apartment hunt. Users can sign up to receive notifications when their favorite band starts selling concert tickets online, when new photos are added to a friend’s online gallery, or when news stories have been posted that mention a particular neighborhood or street. For people who aren’t always sitting in front of a computer, Greg’s Pulse is a fantastic way to ensure you will never miss an important breaking new announcement again.

Practical Uses:

  • Find out when new apartment listings have been posted online
  • Get a text notification whenever your friend updates her blog
  • Be the first to know when your favorite band starts selling concert tickets
  • Receive instant notifications when new job opportunities become available

Insider Tips:

  • The first 10 text messages are free
  • Use RSS feeds to get notified by Greg’s Pulse when virtually any website updates its content
  • Greg’s Pulse uses Twilio as its SMS gateway
  • Sign up for unlimited text messages with your mobile provider to avoid being billed twice for each notification

What we liked:

  • Greg’s Pulse works on any mobile phone
  • Users can find out instantly when new classified postings go online
  • Ability to monitor the online photo galleries of friends
  • People outside of the United States can use Greg’s Pulse, too

What we didn’t like:

  • The price of Greg’s Pulse seems a little high for each text message alert


Company Info:

  • Launched: July 2010
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Victoria, British Columbia, and Waterloo, Ontario
  • Founded by: Grigory Kruglov
  • Web site:


  • First 10 text updates are free
  • 20 updates for $3.00
  • 30 updates for $4.50
  • 50 updates for $6.50
  • 80 updates for $10.40
  • 100 updates for $12.00


  1. Excellent review Stephanie, I must give this Pulse thing a try!

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