September 3, 2010

Teambox – Twitter-Style Collaboration

Teambox is an application that uses a Twitter-style system of status updates and replies to help companies of all sizes work together more effectively. Within one minute of signing up, a company’s employees can begin leaving messages and posting status updates to let each other know how far along they are on individual tasks. Without the need for endless emails or back-and-forth instant messaging conversations, employees can spend more time working on assignments and less time letting each other know how those assignments are coming along.

Since Teambox doesn’t require any installations or pesky downloads, you can start using the system and connecting with your colleagues and associates within minutes of signing up. Upload information about all the projects you’re working on right into the site and add specific colleagues to each project by entering their email addresses. Each employee will be able to update his status in a Twitter-style box, where you can also upload attachments to be downloaded by everyone in your organization. Among the most useful areas within Teambox are the application’s Conversations and Task sections, where status updates and dialogue can be organized into threads, all but eliminating the need for email. Task lists can also be created, which is a useful way for a manager to show each employee what issues are ongoing and which still need to be resolved.

To view all of your projects at once, head back to the All Projects Overview screen to see the latest communication going on within each of your projects in one place. You can also log onto the site via the Teambox mobile app, which makes it easy to tell when new tasks have been assigned to you without having to sit down at a computer and sign in online. Teambox is an app that harnesses the power of Twitter and puts it to use in a business setting, making it an excellent tool for online companies of all sizes to try out.

Practical Uses:

  • Communicate efficiently with freelancers
  • Let your client see how his project is progressing
  • Assign tasks to employees and find out how their progress is coming along
  • Share articles and ideas with all the members of your team

Insider Tips:

  • Subscribe to an RSS newsfeed of all the status updates within a project
  • Download the mobile application to your iPhone
  • Include attachments with your task assignments
  • Set permissions to limit what each colleague can contribute to a project page

What we liked:

  • Anyone who uses Twitter should be able to use Teambox
  • Threaded conversations eliminate the need for back-and-forth emails
  • Tasks can be assigned to certain employees
  • Each project has its own title and URL

What we didn’t like:

  • Free and personal plans don’t come with any search features, making it difficult to find specific tasks or conversations quickly


Company Info:

  • Launched: September 2008
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Barcelona, Spain
  • Founded by: Pablo Villalba
  • Web site:


  • Free plan
  • Personal plan is $12/month
  • Basic plan is $29/month
  • Professional plan is $99/month
  • Corporate plan is $299/month


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