September 4, 2010

UserVoice – Let Customers Voice Their Opinions

UserVoice is an application that makes it easier for businesses to find out what their customers have to say. By letting customers voice their opinions and utilizing the power of collective intelligence, companies can improve the products and services they offer, impress customers with their willingness to listen, and hopefully increase sales of whatever it is they’re offering to clients.

If your business already has a website set up, then installing UserVoice should be a snap. Just make a few decisions regarding which type of feedback you’d like to illicit from customers or employees, decide which languages to support, and then copy the provided code from UserVoice right into your own site. A fully-customized and branded widget should instantly show up on your website, where people can type in suggestions and vote on which other user ideas they like the most. Ideas with the most votes will appear at the top of the customer feedback list, and you can respond directly by commenting underneath any suggestion on that list. Mark the best ideas as “under review,” and then update the status when the idea has been accepted and implemented into your corporate plan.

To make the voting process fair, each user is allotted only 10 votes to dole out at any given time, while a live search feature makes it easy for people to find previous suggestions that are similar to their own before submitting the same idea twice. Each week, UserVoice will send your customers an updated email to let them know the latest status changes to all their suggestions and tips. For companies looking for a better way to facilitate interaction with clients, customers, and even their own employees, UserVoice is an excellent app that’s easy to implement and fun to use.

Practical Uses:

  • Get tips on how to improve your business
  • Seek out ideas for new products and services that clients would enjoy
  • Find out if clients like your new pricing plan
  • Create an ongoing conversation with your customers

Insider Tips:

  • Upgraded plans allow customers to leave suggestions and vote without registering
  • Moderate suggestions to weed out inappropriate comments
  • Configure your UserVoice widget to match the rest of your site
  • Suggestions with the most votes will rise to the top of the list

What we liked:

  • Leaving a suggestion is an easy and quick process
  • Anyone who can copy and paste can insert the UserVoice widget onto their site
  • Company data can be kept secure with SSL encryption
  • Export your UserVoice data and suggestions to Excel at any time

What we didn’t like:

  • Custom designed widgets are only available with the most expensive plan


Company Info:

  • Launched: April 2008
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, California
  • Founded by: Richard White and Scott Rutherford
  • Web site:


  • Free plan
  • Tin plan is $19/month
  • Bronze plan is $89/month
  • Silver plan is $289/month
  • Gold plan is $589/month


  1. Collecting user feedback is one of the ways a business can improve on its services, and for a website, it can be used to tell what is liked, and what needs to go. I think UserVoice is great for making the feedback process much simpler.

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