October 8, 2010

Quixly – Make Money with Your Digital Warez

Quixly is an application that simplifies the way businesses sell digital goods online. Completely customizable and easy to use, Quixly lets individuals and small businesses sell their music albums, PDF books, software, videos, and artwork on the web. Anything that can be downloaded can be sold through Quixly, and the application will even handle the payment collection process by automatically integrating with its users’ PayPal and Google Checkout accounts.

To use Quixly for your online business, create an account and start customizing your page. Choose a URL address within the Quixly domain, which is where your customers will be directed when they start shopping on your new e-commerce site. Include your PayPal or Google Checkout information, upload the files you’re planning to sell, and you’re ready to go. Each file you upload will be given a unique “purchase URL,” which is the address you’ll send people to when they want to shop. When customers click to purchase, they’ll be automatically directed to your PayPal or Google Checkout payment page to complete the transaction. Quixly will then note when the sale has gone through, and automatically deliver the purchased files to the customer’s email inbox, along with a personalized note written by you.

More than just a sales application, though, Quixly also offers file storage and sharing for everyday users. People who upload their files onto the site can share them with friends via customized URLs that will expire at a pre-determined time as a way to ensure that confidential music clips and PDF book pages don’t get in the wrong hands. For anyone who shares or sells large files on a regular basis, Quixly is an application that could streamline the transferring process and make it easier to do business online.

Practical Uses:

  • Sell your new album online
  • Share your PDF book with friends and get their feedback
  • Store your audio files in a secure environment
  • Make money from selling your artwork on the web

Insider Tips:

  • Collect payments with Google Checkout or PayPal
  • Use Quixly’s API to integrate with your existing e-commerce site
  • Track how many of your files have been downloaded
  • Create a custom email to be sent to customers after they place an order

What we liked:

  • Quixly automates the process of selling digital goods online
  • Customers who buy albums online can get their purchase delivered instantly
  • Quixly sends you sales reports and keeps track of how much money you’ve earned
  • Custom branding options help your Quixly page better reflect your business

What we didn’t like:

  • Nothing


Company Info:

  • Launched: August 2010
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Oceanside, California
  • Founded by: Drew Wilson
  • Web site:


  • Pay as you go pricing, depending on storage and bandwidth use

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