October 26, 2010

Roadmap – A Visually Organized Project Portfolio

When you know you need to get somewhere but aren’t exactly sure of the path you need to take, a roadmap is always helpful. Now, a new web-app called Roadmap takes that concept and applies it to business project portfolios. The visual portfolio application gives companies of all sizes a way to review portfolios, create new business strategies, manage significant risks, and allocate resources in the most strategic way possible.

After you sign up and start a free trial account, you’ll be asked to begin inputting information about all the projects you’re currently working on. Type in a project name, a start date, and an end date, or import the information directly from your Basecamp account. Roadmap asks that each project being assigned an “attribute name” as a way to categorize everything in your portfolio. From there, you’re ready to get to work. Head to the dashboard page to see the “big picture,” and view your portfolio on a Gantt chart based on the context of the relationships, time, and overall project health. To dig in deeper on any specific project, click the “Projects” tab. In-depth reports show each project’s milestones, details, notes, and to-do lists.

Among the many interesting features on Roadmap is its full integration with Basecamp, the popular project management system that many companies already use. Not only can users import their Basecamp portfolios directly into Roadmap, but they can also set up cross-project reports and an automatic nightly import that sends the latest Basecamp information directly to their Roadmap account. For businesses looking for a better way to visualize all of the projects they’ve got going on, Roadmap is an application that can keep everyone on the path to success.

Practical Uses:

  • Visually see all the projects your business is currently working on
  • Receive weekly portfolio status updates
  • Respond to questions in the system rather than through a series of emails
  • Sort your portfolio to see only those projects that meet certain criteria

Insider Tips:

  • Use Gantt charts to visualize your upcoming deadlines
  • Set securities and permissions to limit employees’ access to certain projects
  • Click on the “Reports” tab to review the health of a project at any time
  • Integrate with Basecamp and Microsoft Project

What we liked:

  • Portfolios can be filtered by whichever project attributes you set up
  • Free 30-day trial accounts have all the bells and whistles of a paid account
  • Multiple departments within a company can all use this one application
  • Closed or archived projects don’t count toward your project limit

What we didn’t like:

  • Roadmap is not supported on Internet Explorer 6
  • Basic plans have a limit on the number of active projects a company can manage


Company Info:


  • Free 30-day trial
  • Basic plan is $15/month
  • Plus plan is $35/month
  • Pro plan is $75/month


  1. “Roadmap is not supported on Internet Explorer 6”

    I was surprised to see this bullet point on a list of things you don’t like. The amount of development work and testing required to support IE 6 and, in some cases, the compromises that must be introduced to support this 9-year old technology is likely substantial. I’m guessing that very few (in any) users of technology such as this are reliant on IE 6.

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