October 31, 2010

ProjectBubble – Get Organized In An Hour

ProjectBubble is a project management application and invoicing tool that can help companies break free of all the clutter that’s slowing business in as little as one hour. Without having to waste time learning a complicated system, small businesses can cut straight to the point and start getting organized right away. From time tracking tools and to-do lists, to project collaboration, team assignments, and invoicing features, companies that sign up for ProjectBubble can delete their bookmarks and forget about all the other business-management applications they currently use.

In order to get organized with ProjectBubble, you’ll need to start inputting information about all the projects your team is currently working on. You can create a new project in as little as 10 seconds, making sure to include a project title, client information, a due date, and a description. The application lets you choose collaborators for any project from a drop down menu showing all the colleagues on your team. Once you’ve got all your projects locked into the system, they can be individually dragged and dropped into whichever order works best. You can also change the status of any project at any time by adjusting the green and red buttons. To keep your team on task, you can even create daily to-do lists that let your colleagues know what needs to be done immediately and what can wait until later in the week.

Invoicing with ProjectBubble couldn’t be easier. The application takes the task data from any given project and uses it to populate the line items on an invoice. If certain items don’t apply, that’s no problem. Just edit the invoice to add, subtract, or re-order the individual line items, and then send the invoice directly to your client through the system. If you’re a freelancer or small business owner who wants the organizational benefits that a project management application can provide without all the hassles, then ProjectBubble is a system that’s been designed for you.

Practical Uses:

  • Manage your colleagues’ time more efficiently
  • Stay on track of each project in the pipeline
  • Assign tasks to individual team members
  • Spend less time invoicing clients

Insider Tips:

  • Accept payments via PayPal when you invoice with ProjectBubble
  • Organize your clients, colleagues, and leads into individual groups
  • Upload files into the system
  • Reorder the line items within an invoice at any point before sending it out

What we liked:

  • ProjectBubble focuses on making the system easy to use
  • Small businesses can choose unique subdomains to make finding their company dashboard easier
  • ProjectBubble decreases the need to rely on email and centralizes all company communication
  • Red and green status lights make it easy for bosses to see how their employees are coming along with each project

What we didn’t like:

  • Although ProjectBubble is a good option for freelancers and small business owners, it doesn’t have the capabilities necessary to help most large companies just yet


Company Info:

  • Launched: November 2009
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Cheltenham, United Kingdom
  • Founded by: Haloweb Ltd
  • Web site:


  • Solo plan is $7/month
  • Small Business plan is $19/month
  • Enterprise plan is $39/month

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