November 2, 2010 – Never Lose a File Again just might be the simplest way to backup all types of computer documents. Forget downloading files onto a CD each month or installing complicated software that claims it will handle the backup process for you. If you can attach a document to an email and click send, then you have all the skills necessary to start safeguarding your most important documents, videos, photos, and digital files with

Whether you’re interested in keeping your vacation photos safe, protecting important tax documents, or saving paperwork that you need for work, you can keep it all on’s secure servers and feel confident that your files willl be safe no matter what happens to your laptop or desktop computer. Just select a pricing plan and sign up for an account with to begin. To start securing your most important files, create a new email message and start attaching whichever document you’d like to secure. You can then send those attachments to a special email address, where they will be filed away and stored until you need them again. All types of email clients work with, and you can feel confident about the safety of your files knowing they’re stored in the cloud with Amazon Web Services S3.

If your laptop gets stolen or your desktop crashes, there’s no need to worry about all your important files getting lost. Just click onto the site and login to your account. You’ll see a dashboard screen showing all the files you’ve emailed to the site over the years, which can be easily retrieved and downloaded in a flash. For people who know that backing up files is important but don’t have the inclination to invest in complicated systems, simplifies the process and makes it easier to keep all types of data secure.

Practical Uses:

  • Keep your vacation photos safe
  • Hold onto your most important files, even if your laptop gets lost or stolen
  • Easily back up your files each night before leaving work
  • Store important tax documents in a safe place in the clouds

Insider Tips:

  • Backup files can only be accessed using a username and password
  • Data can be sent to from any email client or mobile phone
  • All data is stored in the clouds using Amazon Web Services
  • Users can get more storage space by referring friends or upgrading to a premium account

What we liked:

  • When backing up data is easy, people are more likely to do it each night
  • files are always accessible, no matter where a person is located
  • The data that is stored in’s system is easy to search through
  • Users can send files to from any computer, even if it’s not their own

What we didn’t like:

  • Files stored in cannot be any larger than 4GB


Company Info:

  • Launched: October 2010
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: Phoenix, Arizona
  • Founded by: Adam Toren and Matthew Toren
  • Web site:


  • Free plan
  • Basic plan is $4.95/month
  • Popular plan is $9.95/month
  • Premium plan is $19.95/month

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