February 24, 2011

Geckoboard – Beautiful Business Stats on Display

Anxious to see how your company is faring in a 24/7 business environment? If you’re like many busy entrepreneurs and managers, you probably don’t have time to click through a dozen or more analytics tools and web-apps looking for various visitor stats, server downtimes, conversion rates, project management updates, and sales quotas each day. When it comes to bringing all of your company’s vital signs onto one main dashboard, Geckoboard does it best.

Whether your company is perfectly healthy or struggling to stay afloat, Geckoboard offers a great way to see a broad overview of how the business is doing at any given time. The genius behind Geckoboard is its utilization of various widgets to bring the data you’re gathering from various web-apps – such as Basecamp, Google Analytics, Twitter, MailChimp, and Get Satisfaction, to name just a few – onto a customizable dashboard that functions in real time. Plug in the widgets you need to track your company, or create your own custom widgets to display the types of data and performance stats you really want to track. Almost immediately, your dashboard will be populated with all the relevant information you need to monitor your company’s performance.

For iPad and iPhone users, especially, Geckoboard is a dream. The streamlined web-app is completely Flash-free, which means it looks the same on an iPad screen as it does on a laptop or a desktop monitor. For business owners looking for a way to gather all the data and information they need onto one key page, Geckoboard is the answer.

Practical Uses:

  • Review all of your company’s website analytics information on one page
  • Check out your server uptime when you’re not in the office
  • Find out when users have submitted queries to your Get Satisfaction account
  • See the status of all the projects your employees are working on

Insider Tips:

  • Geckoboard offers full integration with dozens of business-related web-apps
  • Create custom widgets based on any set of data using XML or JSON format
  • Geckoboard is compatible with iPhones and iPads
  • Upgrade accounts for faster speed and more immediate dashboard updates

What we liked:

  • Geckoboard combines all the current apps a company uses onto one page
  • The dashboard view is streamlined and functional
  • Information and data is always updated in real time
  • Geckoboard was made without Flash, which means it’s easy to view on an iPad

What we didn’t like:

  • Pricing is partially based on how many devices are used to connect to Geckoboard, so a user with multiple laptops and iPads would pay more than a user who only checked his dashboard from one work computer


Company Info:


  • Basic plan is $9/month
  • Turbo plan is $14/month
  • Rocket plan is $19/month


  1. This is Paul from Geckoboard, thanks for the shout out guys!

    From all the feedback we’ve received since launch we now know that per-device pricing is an issue for most people which is why we recently announced that we’re scrapping the per-device and moving to what many people see as a fairer system.

    We’re about to implement it but you can see more details here:

  2. I can’t wait to see software like Mint web analytics, JAVoice and Interspire Email Marketer get included in the widgets.

  3. We’re cooking up a real-time dashboard and collaboration service over at – we’ll be looking for people to try it out soon – feel free to add your name to the invite list.

  4. Elizabeth

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    I am using this great free tool which helps small businesses stay on track by providing a 1 page report with data from a number of their favourite sources (Mail Chimp, Analytics, Xero etc).

  5. Ducksboard (for whom I work) will also store data in its database, and so give you not just “the picture” at the moment you want to look at your stats, but the historical series as well.

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