March 3, 2011

Formsly – Supercharged Business Contact Pages

What’s the point in putting together an extensive company website that doesn’t provide information to customers about how to get in contact when they have a question or concern? Formsly is a webpage building tool that business owners can use to create detailed contact pages, complete with maps, addresses, email forms, and social media links. Customers who visit a contact page designed with the help of Formsly can easily find out where the business is located and how to get in contact to find out more.

If you still think that contact pages are nothing more than a place to list your company’s address and phone number, then you’ve never seen a contact page created with Formsly. More than just a basic page with an address, a map, and a phone number, Formsly’s contact pages are both interactive and user friendly. Basic plans are free for life, and registration is simple. Users with upgraded Formsly accounts can choose which elements they’d like listed on their contact pages and how they’d like those features to be displayed. By adding turn-by-turn directions to your contact page, you can help ensure that potential customers have no excuse not to find your company’s front door. Meanwhile, custom email contact forms can be used to automatically route customer queries to the appropriate departments in your office. Assuming you’ve signed up for a premium account, you can embed your company Twitter feed right into the contact page itself and include links to various Facebook, Flickr, and LinkedIn accounts, as well.

If your business has multiple branches or if it manufactures specialty products, Formsly has separate areas for listing your company headquarters, separate branches, and all the individual stores that carry your wares. Formsly’s contact pages are endlessly customizable, surprisingly interactive, and always look professional.

Practical Uses:

  • Make sure clients know how to reach your company after-hours
  • Help customers find your headquarters and individual branch stores
  • Promote your Twitter account by embedding it on the company contact page
  • Route customer queries to the appropriate department with email contact forms

Insider Tips:

  • Sign up for a free account to get basic features
  • Users with upgraded accounts can customize their pages
  • Include GPS waypoints to provide even clearer directions to customers
  • Add various social media widgets to any contact page with an upgraded account

What we liked:

  • Formsly offers a way for businesses to create professional-looking contact pages
  • Web analytics tools show how many people are getting address information from your Formsly contact page
  • Customers can choose which department their email should be routed to
  • Visitors can download company contact information as a document to save or print out later

What we didn’t like:

  • Formsly charges premium users a monthly fee, rather than just a one-time page setup cost
  • Most business websites already have contact pages with maps, addresses, and contact information included


Company Info:


  • Basic Package is free
  • Premium Package is $4.95/month

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