March 7, 2011

280daily – Journaling in Bite-Sized Chunks

Writing a page or more about your personal trials and tribulations each day might sound like a bit much, but writing down nothing at all is a sure fire way to forget what’s happened in the past month, year, or decade of your life. Enter 280daily, a micro journaling website that asks its users to take a few minutes each day to reflect on their lives. In 280 characters or less, users can track their progress, record major events, or jot down basic reflections.

When you create an account with 280daily, you can feel confident that your innermost thoughts and feelings will remain private and secure – much more so than anything you’ve written in a flimsy notebook or online diary. Create an account and click “New 280 Entry” to begin. Sum up your day in 280 characters or less and you’re done. You don’t even need to be sitting down at a computer to type your daily entry, since 280daily offers mobile applications for a variety of devices. Saved entries can be skimmed and browsed just like a traditional diary, and the journal itself can easily be exported as a PDF file.

What 280daily can offer that a traditional journal can’t – in addition to security and ease-of-use – is a wide variety of searching and tracking tools. Curious about the date of your first kiss with your longtime beau? Search for his name – plus the word kiss – in your 280daily archives. Similarly, you can use 280daily’s tools to track the average word count of your entries and see how those word counts have varied over time. For tech-loving diary-phobes, 280daily is a micro journaling app that nobody can say no to.

Practical Uses:

  • Keep a journal of your innermost thoughts
  • Track your weight loss over a period of months
  • Record how many miles you ran each day
  • Search through the archives to find and re-read an entry from an important day

Insider Tips:

  • Use the tracking tools to see how your entry lengths have gotten longer or shorter over time
  • Export your journal archives as a PDF file
  • Upload photos to include with your journal entries
  • Mobile service allows users to post entries when they’re not at home
  • 280daily will soon be offering a service that prints out your journal and binds it like a book

What we liked:

  • People are less intimated by journals when their daily entry is limited at 280 characters
  • 280daily sends out daily email reminders at 4 p.m.
  • Online journals are more private and secure than those written in notebooks
  • Search feature is useful when trying to remember the date of an important event

What we didn’t like:

  • Certain features, like the book printing service, have yet to roll out


Company Info:


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