April 13, 2011

CreateSmartGoals – Set Goals for Employees

Whether you run a boutique, a barbershop, or a Fortune 500 company, there’s a good chance you wish your employees could accomplish more in less time. That’s where goal setting comes in. With an application like CreateSmartGoals, bosses can manage their employees’ goals and make sure everyone is staying on track with important assignments.

CreateSmartGoals’ pricing model is based on how many employees a company has, so you’ll need to tally up all your goal-oriented salespeople and managers before signing up for a company account. Each employee gets his own login, making it possible for him or her to sign into the site to create new goals, view current goals, or review past goals at any time. As the boss, you can create goals for any of your employees and have those goals show up on their homepages the next time they sign in. Each goal is assigned to an employee and given a category, a title, a status, and a due date. Employees can change the status of their goals as they make progress in the tasks, while employers can add reminder notes to make it easier for those tasks to be accomplished. Employers can also “weight” goals, as a way to help employees know which things are most important to the company.

One of the interesting features that CreateSmartGoals offers is its graphing section, which creates custom graphs and charts that give employers a birds-eye-view of everything that’s going on with their employees. CreateSmartGoals even makes it possible to quickly print or email any individual goal to an employee as reminder of what needs to get done that week. For goal-oriented managers who want their employees to get more done, CreateSmartGoals could be a great solution.

Practical Uses:

  • Create goals for your employees to accomplish
  • Set due dates for when each goal needs to be reached
  • Weight each goal based on its importance and time sensitivity
  • Add reminders and notes that employees can use to help accomplish their goals

Insider Tips:

  • CreateSmartGoals is so easy to use that the web-app doesn’t offer any help files or manuals
  • Users can create graphs that track the goals set during a particular timeframe
  • CreateSmartGoals works in Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome
  • Employees can review their goal history at any time

What we liked:

  • Bosses can set actionable goals that their employees need to accomplish
  • Goal status markers make it easy for a manger to tell where each employee is at
  • Being able to weight goals helps employees know which tasks to take on first
  • Managers can leave journal notes in any goal with helpful tips or encouraging words

What we didn’t like:

  • CreateSmartGoals focuses solely on the goals, but doesn’t offer the collaboration and managements features that many people need to help reach those goals


Company Info:


  • Free 14-day trial
  • Department plan is $29.95/month
  • Small Biz plan is $49.95/month
  • Corporate plan is $69.95/month
  • Enterprise plan is $199.95/month


  1. Nice tool. Great review.

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