April 18, 2011

NudgeMail – Reminders and More Via Email

Have you ever forgotten to pay the electric bill on time or been late to a lunch date because the meeting totally slipped your mind? If you used NudgeMail, then keeping on top of everyday tasks wouldn’t be such a challenge. NudgeMail is an email reminder service that makes it as easy as possible for people to write themselves notes and have those notes sent back to their email inboxes at pre-determined times.

One of the beauties of NudgeMail is that you don’t have to sign up or register to start using the service. All you have to do is type up a note or forward an existing email to NudgeMail. Tell NudgeMail what time to send the reminder back to your email inbox by using the subject line to type in a desired date and time, or use a special NudgeMail email address depending on which day you want the reminder sent. Let’s say you want to be reminded to call your son’s school next Monday. You could send an email to with Monday in the subject line, or send the same email to with whatever subject line you want. Either way, you’ll get your same email back on the day you requested every time. Unlike your spouse or your assistant, NudgeMail is never late and it never forgets.

NudgeMail offers a number of advanced settings that make it possible to schedule Google Calendar events, get daily status alerts, or receive NudgeMail reminders as SMS notifications on your phone. You can even hit the virtual snooze button by asking NudgeMail to send the same notification back in one hour’s time. For people who need to be constantly reminded to perform basic daily tasks, NudgeMail is a great solution that doesn’t cost a dime.

Practical Uses:

  • Remind yourself to call the contractor next week
  • Set up a daily email reminder to water the lawn
  • Forward meeting schedules to NudgeMail and get reminded beforehand
  • Schedule a recurring reminder to be sent a week before your anniversary each year

Insider Tips:

  • Change your status to vacation mode to put a temporary stop on reminders
  • Email to get the same reminder sent again in one hour
  • Set up recurring reminders to help remember annual events
  • Turn off the confirmation email feature by emailing

What we liked:

  • NudgeMail is a completely straightforward app that anyone can use
  • Emails can be sent to NudgeMail in dozens of different ways
  • NudgeMail doesn’t require people to sign up or create a password
  • People can have their email reminders sent at specific times during the day

What we didn’t like:

  • Some people might not feel comfortable forwarding their private emails to an outside service like NudgeMail
  • NudgeMail offers integration with Google Calendar, but not with other popular calendar services


Company Info:

  • Launched: November 2010
  • Privately Held
  • Headquarters: San Francisco, California
  • Founded by: Jeremy Toeman and Adam Burg
  • Web site:


  • Free

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