May 20, 2011

Meetifyr – Organizing Group Events

Getting together a group of friends for coffee, chitchat, or a play date can be hard. That’s why Meetifyr was created. The innovative web-app helps groups of friends, coworkers, and teammates select dates for upcoming events that work for everyone involved. When people use Meetifyr, they cut out the middleman and eliminate the back-and-forth that can sometimes seem unavoidable when planning events through e-mail.

Meetifyr can be used to schedule and plan all types of events, but it really shines brightest when you use it to organize parties and get-togethers. Click “Create an Event” to get going, and type in a few basic details like the type of event you’re arranging, where you’re planning to meet, and when you’re planning on going – keeping in mind that you can choose a specific date or leave it open by opting for a general date range instead. Add the names of everyone you’re planning to invite and then send a link to the page via email, Twitter, or Facebook message. When your friends click on the link, they’ll see a page listing all of the above-mentioned information, plus a list of everyone who’s been invited and the date range the creator selected. Your friends can click on each date in the selected range to mark whether they’re free or busy, and add stars to the specific dates that work best for their schedules. Once everyone has responded, it’s easy to see which date for the event works best.

In addition to its basic functions, Meetifyr also offers some advanced features. The most interesting of these features is the “best dates” tool, which actually shows the best dates for any meet up based on everyone’s availability. Meetifyr also lets friends communicate and comment on upcoming events from within the system, which eliminates the need for endless emails and keeps all the relevant information for an event in one central spot.

Practical Uses:

  • Figure out the best date for a housewarming party
  • Find out which of your daughter’s friends can attend a birthday party next week
  • Schedule a company meeting for a date and time that works for everyone
  • Plan a play date that as many friends and their kids can attend as possible

Insider Tips:

  • Users can add as much or as little information about any event as they wish
  • Send links to your friends via email, Facebook message, or on Twitter
  • Users can comment on a page to explain their availability in more depth
  • View the timeline of any event to see the full history of everyone’s responses and comments

What we liked:

  • Meetifyr solves a common problem that people have when planning group events
  • Party planners who use Meetifyr can get a rough idea of how many people to expect
  • Meetifyr eliminate the back-and-forth emails that often come along with group event planning
  • People who use Meetifyr before selecting a date for their parties can expect bigger turnouts

What we didn’t like:

  • Although Meetifyr lets users comment on events, it doesn’t offer room for event organizers to upload additional details that may be helpful to attendees


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